Injection Molding

Injection Molding Overview

Injection molding is a forming process where molten material is injected into a mold and then cooled to form the desired end product. Injection molding is possible with several materials including metals, glasses, polymers, and thermoplastics.

MW Industries produces many products for various industries and applications using one or more forms of injection molding, including micro molding, overmolding, and insert molding. Our engineers are equipped with the latest, state-of-the-art Autodesk® Moldflow software to analyze filled or unfilled resin flow patterns in the most sophisticated micro-part designs, as well as SolidWorks CAD software to handle the most demanding design needs that your project requires. Whether your concern is design for manufacturability, difficult-to-process resins, or complex part geometries, we have the knowledge, experience, and team of experts to make the parts you need.

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Injection molding services

Micro Molding

MW Components produces custom plastic components and assemblies for demanding micro-molding challenges.

Micro Molding Capabilities & Tolerances

  • Ø130 micron microfluidic orifices held to +/-3.75 microns
  • Microfluidic channels as shallow as 30 microns
  • Cleanroom molded micro lens center to center true position accuracy to 5 microns
  • 1.6mm posts w/undercut held to <+/-13 microns on dental components (No parting line)
  • Complex micro-sized features on critical drug delivery device components
  • Textured 3 dimensional microfluidic features for medical diagnostic devices

Manufacturing small requires the ability to measure to the smallest degree. Micro-sized shifts are detected and accounted for so that all the parts that pass through our facilities reach the same rigorous quality standards from the first part to a part made on the millionth run. We are known for our precision and consistent quality no matter your requirements or run size.

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Micron Tolerance Molding

We have established a solid, performance-based reputation for molding micron-tolerance components. Using proprietary mold making processes, we routinely produce parts to the following specifications:

  • Lens surface finishes within 1/4 – 1/2 wavelength
  • Hole diameters as small as 230μm in thin walls
  • Concentricity of coaxial features within 10μm
  • Small hole diameters to under 4μm
  • Small hole centerline distances held within 1μm @ 250μm pitch, non-cumulative over a ten pitch length
  • Flatness of mirror surfaces within 10μm

Specific competencies include:

  • Integrated lens molding
  • Microlens array molding
  • Fiber alignment (V) groove molding

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Lens Array

Insert Molding & Overmolding

We have served many Fortune 500 companies over the years to deliver efficient automated insert molding cells to produce a variety of products including connectors, impellers, and stators. These cells integrate process control sensors to ensure the highest quality and are designed for maximum up-time.

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molded subassemblies

Industries Served

MW Components works with various industries to produce products that are manufactured using injection molding. Some examples are listed here.

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