Rapid-Install Shims

Shims and shim products are used for the alignment of rotating or moving machinery or equipment. Without proper alignment, damaging vibrations may cause unnecessary wear, leading to mechanical breakdowns and causing costly equipment repairs. Additionally, this unexpected downtime can lead to delays in your business operations. To save your company time and money, MW offers multiple options for standard and custom shims made from various materials, including metals and plastic.

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Custom Shims

We have many in-stock products related to shims; however, if you don’t find what you need listed here or your requirements are more custom, we are here to help. Request a custom quote today and let us help you build the right part for your specialized needs.

Some of our custom capabilities for shim products include the following: Slotted Leveling Shims, Pillow Block Shims, Weg Motor Shims, and many more.

Request a quote to order custom shim products.

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Custom Shims

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