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Mandrels & Cutting Arbors

Cutting arbors and mandrels assist in wire cutting after springs are manufactured. They are frequently used in cold wound spring coilers, providing a contact point as the cutter moves down to cut the spring wire after coiling.

MW Components manufactures custom cutting arbors and mandrels in several different sizes. We specialize in double-ended mandrels made from D2 hardened tool steel, with higher tensile materials available upon request for higher cutting higher tensile materials.

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Custom Mandrels and Cutting Arbors

As experts in spring manufacturing and in-house tooling, MW Components has years of experience manufacturing custom components for OEMs and contract manufacturers. Our machining capabilities and experienced manufacturing team enable us to manufacture custom cutting arbors and mandrels in a range of materials and sizes based on your equipment and needs.

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Mandrel & Cutting Arbor Manufacturing

Cutting arbors and mandrels are machined components used in many cold wound spring coilers. At MW Components, we use the highest quality materials and state-of-the-art equipment to produce cutting arbors that increase your machine’s efficiency.

Coilers & Sizes

We create custom mandrels and cutting arbors for a variety of machines with end sizes varying based on the diameter of the coil spring. Arbor end sizes often range from 25mm to 90mm. They include, but are not limited to, the below.

  • Simco YJ-250 Custom Mandrel 50/50mm, 50x50x505mm
  • Simco YJ-250 Custom Mandrel 60/60mm, 50x60x505mm
  • Simco YJ-250 Custom Mandrel 80/80mm, 50x80x505mm


  • Steel
  • Other materials available on request


  • Cold Wound Spring Coiling

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We can design and manufacture a component for your specific application in any quantity. For quantities over 1,000, please request a quote.

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