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Manufacturing Services

Custom Springs

Quality at Speed - Get the Exact Springs You Need

When a stock part just won’t do, we can manufacture a high-quality custom spring to your precise specifications. What’s more, we’ll do it to the highest quality with on-time delivery and on-target pricing.

Ready to get started? Try our Compression Spring Calculator to get the spring design data you need.

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Why Choose Us for Custom Springs?

Design Support from Experts

Finding a spring manufacturer who can deliver precisely the right tolerances, performance, and form/fit you need can be challenging. Our experts have decades of experience creating custom springs for use in multiple industries and applications—from extension and compression springs to constant force, torsion springs, and more.

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Access to Industry-Leading Technology

We invest in the latest technology and talent so we can fully support your project needs. Whatever your requirements—space constraints, life cycle expectancy, corrosion resistance, conductivity, temperature demands—we can help.

Custom Manufacturing

A Wide Range of Materials

We have unparalleled expertise in working with a wide range of standard and exotic materials. It means we can advise you on the best option for your specific needs.

Compression Spring Calculator

Custom Spring Specifications

Custom Spring Types & Sizes

We specialize in creating high-precision custom springs to tight tolerances. Below is a small sample of the most common types and sizes we manufacture. But that’s just the start. Contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Spring Type Wire Diameter (Min) Wire Diameter (Max)
Compression Springs .004" 2.0"
Extension Springs .008" .75"
Torsion Springs (Single) .008" .625"
Torsion Springs (Double) .008" .236"

Typical Lead Times

We can usually provide custom spring quotes in less than two business days. Lead times vary based on spring type, volume, material, finish, and unique specifications.

Spring Type Lead Time
Compression Springs 2-3 Weeks
Extension Springs 2-3 Weeks
Torsion Springs (Single) 2-3 Weeks
Torsion Springs (Double) 2-3 Weeks

Available Finishing Services

Custom springs can be made to your exact specifications while using industry-standard finishing services.

Finishing Service Description
Anodizing Improve the look, durability, and corrosion resistance of your spring.
Cleaning & Polishing Get both standard and industry-specific cleaning and polishing options.
Coating Protect your springs against environmental factors with our specialist coatings.
Grinding We offer precision sharpening and CNC grinding for your intended application.
Heat Treatments Increase the cycle-life, toughness, and environmental resistance of your springs.
Passivation Remove iron deposits and add a protective layer against environmental damage.
Shot Peening Increase the hardness and strength of your components to improve durability.

Ready to Get Started?

Let us put you in touch with one of our custom spring manufacturing experts. They’ll be happy to help.