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Manufacturing Services

Performance Analysis & Testing

Specialized & Standards-Based Testing

Here at MW Industries, we understand that certain components are critical for operations and must be produced to exacting tolerances to perform to standard. To ensure that the products we produce meet your utmost expectations, we offer various options for both industry-standard and specialized performance analysis and testing. Some examples include cycle testing, corrosion analysis, hardness testing, helium leak testing, and others.

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Available Testing Services

Blackbox Testing

This is a form of virtual software testing which can be used during the design phase which examines general manufacturing software application functionality.

CMM (Coordinate-Measurement Machine) Capable

A coordinate-measure machine measures an object's precise geometry using a mechanical, optical, or laser probe.

Corrosion Analysis

Many of our products, particularly in the oil and gas industry, need to perform in environments where corrosion of metal components is a concern. Our corrosion analysis testing ensures the best possible performance within harsh environments. Our seasoned metallurgists test corrosion from exposure to salt spray, humidity, cyclic corrosion, and more.

Cycle Testing

Cycle testing, or life cycle testing is a process where products are tested to ensure adequate life cycle or product lifetime under regular working conditions.

Fatigue Testing

Fatigue testing is similar to cycle testing and checks product performance to ensure appropriate life cycle under working conditions. Fatigue testing in particular is performed by adding a recurring load to the product and identify possible weaknesses.

Hardness Testing

Rockwell testing is a specific method used for testing the hardness of materials like metals and some plastics. The Rockwell scale measures penetration of the material when force is applied.

Helium Leak Testing

Leak testing is a process used to detect if products that function in environments with a flow of liquid or gas range within a minimum leak limit. This testing can expose problem areas where cracks, holes, or broken seals may exist. 

Our Helium Mass Spectrometer detects any leakage beyond 1 x 10-9 ccHe/sec – less than 1 cc in 32 years. Our equipment is calibrated to NIST standards and complete inspection ensures that a leak-tight assembly is delivered every time.

Mag Particle / Magnafluxing

This is an NDT process where a magnetic field is added directly or indirectly to the component and used to test certain metals like nickel, cobalt, iron, and their alloys for shallow surface inconsistencies.

Non-Destructive Testing

NDT or Non-Destructive testing is a broader term used to describe multiple testing techniques used, particularly in technology and science, to test components or materials without damaging the testing materials.

Vision Systems

Machine vision systems are designed to extrapolate information from digital images to guide specified manufacturing operations. This is often used in performance and quality control testing of manufactured components.

Product / Design Validation Testing

Product and design validation testing is the process of testing a proposed product prior to mass production to ensure that it is suitable for its designed task and meets the needs of its users.

Industries Served

We work with a variety of exacting industries, including aerospace, automotive, defense, and medical to name a few.

Not only do we offer industry experience and expertise in the below industries, but we also maintain several industry-specific certifications which allow us to provide even greater assurance of quality and expected product performance.

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