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Licensed MAThread® Fasteners

MAThread fasteners are often used in the automotive and heavy truck industries and are known to improve product assembly by reducing the time required for labor, reducing scrap and rework, and minimize possible injuries obtained through repetitive motion.

Size Ranges and Configuration Options:

• Class: 8.8, 9.8, 10.9

• Grade: 5, 5.1, 8, 8.1, 8.2

• Materials: low and medium carbon steel or stainless steel

• Size Ranges: M4 - M12 / #8 - 1/2” (American standard and metric sizes available)


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Locking post assembly

Custom Manufacturing

Custom Licensed MAThread® Fasteners

Our Bensenville, IL facility specializes in custom Licensed MAThread® Fasteners and other cold-formed fasteners and assemblies. These fasteners are produced using low or medium carbon steel or stainless steel and are offered in both US standard and metric sizes as well as multiple classes and grades.

MW Components produces custom parts in multiple varieties, sizes, and configurations and works with you to develop the perfect part for your application using any combination of manufacturing and finishing services you require, including in-house Machining, Cold Forming, Cutting, Grinding, Welding, Heat Treatments, and Coatings and Surface Treatments. We even offer optional Assembly Services, Custom Packaging, and Vendor Managed Inventory as well as a selection of applicable certifications to ensure the utmost quality and performance.

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Licensed Phillips II Drive Systems

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