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At MW, we are experts in the field of manufacturing. As such, we offer a variety of production processes to ensure your product is formed to your exact requirements, from cold and hot forming and stamping to advanced machining and cutting services, our list of core capabilities is vast and includes industry-standard and application-specific machining techniques.

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Industrial manufacturing & assembly

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  • Coiling - MW Components' manufacturing service

    Spring coiling can be achieved through either hot winding or cold winding. MW Components performs both processes and can make recommendations for the process that is right for you based on the size and specific application of the spring product required.

  • Cold forming manufacturing technique

    Cold forming or cold working refers to the process of forming metal material into its desired shape through the use of various machining processes which may include stamping, forming, four-slide or other processes.

  • Cutting services during manufacturing

    We continually invest in our production capabilities and variety of offerings to ensure that we have production processes that suit your needs for precision, functionality, and timeline. Some of our specialty cutting services include laser cutting, waterjet cutting, and EDM cutting.

  • Hot forging - manufacturing service

    Hot forging is a process where a malleable metal workpiece is worked into the desired shape using pressing, hammering, or other processes.

  • Injection molding services

    Injection molding forms parts by melting a material and injecting it into a mold and removing this mold once the material has hardened.

  • CNC machining services

    CNC machining is a manufacturing process where computer software is used to control complex tools or machinery without the need for manual operations. Some examples of CNC machining services we offer include milling, turning, micromachining, metal stamping and forming (including fourslide technology), and wire forming and wire rolling.

  • Metal stamping and forming illustration

    MW facilities use several methods to stamp or form sheet or strip metal into a desired shape. Some examples include stamping and fourslide. Stamping uses a die and applied force to create a product, where fourslide uses multi-slide technology to bend and manipulate metal into a desired form.

  • Tubing fabrication manufacturing services

    Tube bending or forming is a manufacturing process where metal is permanently formed into a tube-like structure, many times with the aid of a form. There are many ways to manufacture tubing. Methods generally involve some combination of temperature control, specialized equipment, and materials.

  • Wire forming services

    Wire forming and rolling processes are used to bend or form cylindrical metal stock into a desired shape and length, many times using high-tech machining software.

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