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Captive Screws & Assemblies

Captive panel screws are produced with the portion of the rod length nearest the head left unthreaded. This ensures that once attached to a panel with a washer on the opposite side; the screw stays in place. Captive screws are often used to secure panels and other hardware where the screws must remain in the panel once loosened.

Captive screw assemblies include a captive screw, flat washer, and lock washer or retainer. The inclusion of lock washers or captive washers provides a more substantial fastening surface and keeps the screw tight. Retainers are used in the assembly to keep the components in place. Captive screw washers may also be threaded, allowing for ease of assembly and reuse.

CAD files for stock and standard captive screws are available in our online store.

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Captive Screws & Assemblies Overview

Characteristics of Captive Screws & Assemblies

Captive screws can be manufactured in many lengths and head style configurations (round head, pan head, socket head, fillister head, etc.). Thread length, shank and head sizes, and captivated sections can all be customized. Captive screws can be manufactured with a number of added features. Some examples include:

  • Lead Point – allows for easy alignment with a threaded hole
  • Anti-Vibration Compounds – keeps screws from loosening
  • Chased Threads – permits the use of gages


Custom Captive Screws & Assemblies

Customization options for captive screws and assemblies are endless and include hardware, custom dimensions, specialty materials, finishes and coatings, and added point and thread configurations.

We also produce captive screw varieties with added features for particular uses. Some examples include the Front Mount Retainers, which allow for front-loading when access to the other side of the panel is difficult, and Lead Point which provides for easy alignment with a threaded hole.

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Captive Screw & Assembly Manufacturing

MW provides a range of captive hardware, including captive fasteners, captive screws, captive bolts, and captive screw assemblies.

Assemblies are generally produced using stainless steel with a passivation finish; however, we also offer various other options for material compositions and finishes. The most popular head style is the socket head and pan-head, and the majority of captive screw configurations come pre-assembled with washers and/or retainers.

Standard thread sizes generally range from 2-56 to 1/2-13 with lengths from 1/8″ to 3″; however, custom lengths and overall diameters are entirely achievable.


MW stocks standard and specialty materials of all types. Below are some commonly requested materials used to manufacture this product:


Available applicable certifications include:

  • AS9100D
  • ISO9001:2015
  • ITAR


Our manufacturing facilities produce a variety of parts with custom finishing services. Some examples of possible finishes for this product include the below; however, our facilities offer more than 40 finishing options for this and similar products.

  • Anodized
  • Black Oxide
  • Cadmium Plate
  • Chromium
  • Electro Polish
  • Gold
  • Iridite
  • Lubricant
  • Nickel Plate
  • Passivation
  • Silver Plate
  • Zinc

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