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Manufacturing Services

Wire Forming

What is Wire Forming?

Wire forming, also called wire rolling, is a metal fabrication process where wire material is bent or formed into a specified shape and cut to the preferred length. This process is generally performed using the aid of computer software which guides the forming parameters. Wire forms join products with tough design constraints.

At MW Components, we form wire from a coil of metal and turn it into parts at ultra-high speeds. We’re complex design experts, offering front-end engineering support for wire forming. Show us your blueprint, and our engineers can optimize it. Custom wire forming expertise allows us to produce the product you need, exactly as you need it.

We have on-site bending, secondary operations and plating. Single-source production provides quality control. We have the equipment and skill to form, fabricate, machine, cut, assemble and weld your product components.

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Benefits of Wire Forming with MW Components

  • Multi-axis CNC manufacturing capability
  • Robust quality assurance systems
  • Robotic welding
  • Ability to process materials ranging from .125” to 000” in diameter, including many metric sizes
  • Lengths from 1.5” to 12’

Wire forming is used in markets such as lawn and garden, power equipment, agriculture, industrial, health care, appliances and furniture, farm equipment and consumer goods.

With complete control of production, we’re a wire forming manufacturer that ensures both a high-quality product and fast turnaround. Talk to MW to solve your most complex product challenges.

Industries Served

MW Components has decades of experience producing components for various industries and applications. Some of the industries that we serve are listed here.

Popular Wire Form Products

Wire forms are one of the most diverse product categories available. If you can design it, we can probably make it. If you're not looking for a custom part, check out some of our most popular standard types of wire form products.

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