Retaining Rings

MW Components manufactures custom precision-engineered retaining rings, also known as coiled rings, snap rings, round wire rings, circlips, square section rings, rectangular section rings, custom-shaped sections rings, or tapered section rings. Our retaining rings are available in various end configurations for use in multiple applications.

There are two main types of retaining rings—internal rings, which are assembled inside a cylinder where the ring fits inside a hole (or bore), and external rings, which are assembled on the outside of the shaft. 


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Retaining rings

Retaining Rings Overview

Custom Retaining Rings

MW Components produces both internal retaining rings and external retaining rings from various materials for multiple applications and industries, including aerospace, agriculture, automotive, valves, industrial automation, and consumer products.

Our 30 plus specialized manufacturing facilities have access to both industry-standard and specialty materials, including carbon steel, phosphor bronze, chrome silicon alloy steel, stainless steel, and others. In addition to working with a variety of materials, our engineering and manufacturing experts work with state-of-the-art machinery capable of producing retaining rings in a variety of end configurations and sizing options, giving you a multitude of customization options for a specialized component.

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