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Manufacturing Services

Tubing Fabrication

What is Tubing Fabrication?

Tube bending or forming is a manufacturing process where metal is permanently formed into a tube-like structure, many times with the aid of a form. There are many ways in which to manufacture tubing. Methods generally involve some combination of temperature control, specialized equipment, and materials.

MW Components specializes in custom tube manufacturing. We work with a variety of materials, producing coiled, bent, or formed tubing for multiple industries and applications. We can produce multiple shapes and sizes fit for various end-uses.

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Industries Served

These tubing fabrication procedures are used most often in the production of precision components designed for use in very specific applications. Our formed tubing products are found in a variety of industries.

Custom Applications

There are a number of uses for formed tubing. Some custom applications include the following; however, we are happy to customize a product to your desired specifications and end-use requirements.

  • Industrial & Residential Construction
  • Fences
  • Gates
  • Railing
  • Playground & Athletic Equipment

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