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Cold Forming

What is Cold Forming?

Cold forming, also called cold-heading or roll-forming, is the use of applied force to metal blanks using a die. When pressure is applied, the metal material flows into the die, assuming the shape intended.

This process is generally preferred to traditional machining methods when expensive materials are used because it minimizes costly material waste. It is also an efficient process that is consistently reliable and eco-friendly. As a bonus, cold-formed components are stronger and more durable than components produced using other means.

Other production processes which use cold forming include thread rolling, and SEMs rolling. These processes are used most often in the production of cold formed fastener products.

To learn more about the cold-forming process, check out our process overview.

Cold Forming Process
Cold forming manufacturing technique

Industries Served

Cold forming is used most often to produce micro components or miniature parts. These small components are used in various industries, including the below.

Custom Applications

MW Components produces several cold-formed or roll-formed products. Examples of commonly requested products are listed here; however, being that we are a custom manufacturer, we have access to a variety of manufacturing techniques and industry experts, allowing us to offer endless options for customizations. Contact us for a custom quote to learn more.

  • Micro Fasteners
  • Micro Pins
  • Rivets & Eyelets
  • Electrical Contacts & Leads
  • Electrical Components
  • Valve Components
  • Medical Components
  • Mini Four-Slide Stampings
  • Glass-Ceramic Hermetic Seals

Ready to Get Started?

Looking to learn more about cold forming, thread rolling, cold heading, or similar capabilities? We are experts when it comes to small components manufacturing. Speak to one of our MW experts to find a solution for you.