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Hitch Pins

Hitch pins are used as trailer hitch pins, in automotive, lawn equipment, agriculture equipment, handles and reclining furniture, and more. MW produces stock and custom hitch pins for all industries, including demanding military and aerospace applications.

We offer a variety of configurations of hitch pins and other pins including double loop hitch pin clips, external hitch pin clips, standard hitch pin clips, assortments, and packs. For custom hitch pins, we offer prototyping based on customer-provided drawings and can produce from a single sample up to millions of parts. Request a custom quote or shop our in-stock parts.

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Hitch Pins for Sale

Hitch pin clip for sale

Available in packs of 25 to 1,000 pieces, our hitch pins are in-stock and ready-to-ship. Most parts ship the same business day. Browse our inventory to see available sizes.


Custom Hitch Pins

Our CNC precision machining and multi-slide machines produce custom hitch pins made to your blueprint. We work with various materials, finishes, coatings, styles, and sizes to produce the precise component your project requires.

We offer prototyping services for custom hitch pin clips as well as various coatings or surface treatments including, plating, passivation, cleaning, polishing, and heat treatments. For your convenience, we also offer custom packaging and JIT (Just In Time) delivery as requested. We produce custom parts for various applications and industries, including aerospace, defense, agriculture, medical, commercial, and others. We are ISO 9001 certified and offer both military and commercial-grade parts. Certifications verifying traceability and compliance are available as needed.

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Custom hitch pin clip

Types of Hitch Pins

External hitch pin clips

External Hitch Pin Clips

External hitch pins are general purpose clips that can be snapped on to connect pieces of hardware or other components. They provide additional security and fastening for a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications. MW's external hitch pins are made from MB spring wire or stainless steel and are available in plain and plated finishes.

External Hitch Pin Brochure

Internal hitch pin clips

Internal Hitch Pin Clips

Internal hitch pins are used to fasten the ends of other hitch pins or clevis pins together, providing a quick, strong, and secure connection. Internal hitch pin clips can be single-use or reusable, depending on the application, and are used across industries. They are also commonly referred to as hairpin cotters, bridge pins, R-Keys, R-Clips, or presto pins.

Internal Hitch Pin Brochure

Our Hitch Pin Manufacturer: Western Wire

Our Western Wire facility in Fenton, MO, is a premier hitch pin manufacturer who has built a reputation for quality over 100+ years in business. They produce hitch pins, cotter pins, and other wire-formed products with a specialty in custom products, tight tolerances, and fast turnaround.

Western Wire's capabilities are extensive and include sizing capabilities from 0.01" to 0.625", a vast raw material inventory, various coating and surface treatment options, Just In Time Delivery, ISO9001 certification, and more. Whether you need a single prototype or millions of parts, we offer precision and quality for every part we produce.

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Related Manufacturing Services

In addition to standard manufacturing services, we offer various optional services to assist you in developing the best product for your application or end-use.

Finishing Services

MW specializes in custom component manufacturing and offers a variety of optional finishing services to complete your custom component. Our finishes and surface treatments for custom pins include plating, passivation, cleaning and polishing, and heat treatments. Below is a list of the finishing services and treatments most often requested for custom pins.

Quality Materials

Our hitch pins are produced from a variety of standard and specialty materials. Some common materials we work with are listed below; however, our manufacturing capabilities are vast and we can work with practically any hard-drawn material. For information on custom materials and manufacturing processes, contact us for a custom quote.

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