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Seal Cavity Tools

MW's Maudlin location has been a leader in selection, quality, and availability when it comes to metal spring energizers. We know that the spring energizer is only a portion of the overall sealing solution. This is why we've developed complementary groove tools for each spring energizer we offer. And that's not all. All our tool drawings include a recommendation for the final machined spring groove suggested for that tool. We've simplified the sealing process for our customers by creating an all-in-one solution where we include instructions on how to use the tool, the spring tool itself, the groove, and of course, we can supply the accompanying spring.

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Carbide Groove Tools

MW continues to invest in new solutions designed to make your work easier and more efficient. As such, we've developed a new groove cavity tool that does just that. This cavity tool has a similar design to the other tools we produce; however, the cutting end has been brazed onto a square carbide tool shank. This new shape makes the tool easier for your machine or mill to hold. It is available in several sizes for use with U, V, Helical, and Slant springs.

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Groove / Cavity Tool Dimensions

V Spring Tool Dimensions

Cantilever V Spring Groove Tool Dimension Chart

Helical Spring Tool Dimensions

Helical Spring Cavity Tool Dimensions

Slant Coil Spring Tool Dimensions

Slant Coil Spring Tool Dimensions

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