Helical Springs

Helical springs usually produce higher loads over a smaller deflection range. Our standard helical spring products are produced using Stainless Steel or Elgiloy. MW offers helical spring lengths up to 10' and stocks seven standard thicknesses of Elgiloy to minimize lead times and expensive minimum order quantities. We also supply one lb. coils of raw material for you to roll your own helical springs, if you so desire.

Looking for pre-cut and welding springs? Provide the desired center-line diameter, and we are happy to coil, cut, and weld the helical spring(s) you need using our state-of-the-art Laser Weld Technology.


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Looking for Pre-Cut and Welded Radial Springs?

MW produces cut and welded springs for all standard industrial and metric dash sizes for 000 - 400 series spring energizers, including V-spring, Helical, and slant coil springs. Simply provide the dash number you need and we'll cut and weld the spring to the necessary dimensions.

Even if the product you need doesn't fall into the standard dash number range, we still have you covered. Provide the centerline of the spring groove in the seal and we will cut and weld a spring energizer to exactly match the dimensions. Our engineering and manufacturing experts are here to make fabrication and assembly as seamless as possible.

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Helical spring centerline image

Helical Spring Dimensional Data

Reference the chart below to find dimensions for our standard Helical springs. Custom diameters, widths, and thicknesses can also be created. No additional tooling charges are required for special diameters or alternate material slit widths. Special material requirements for 17-7 PH Stainless are available and can be supplied in two weeks or less. The following Elgiloy strip thicknesses and widths are also in stock and available without minimums.

  • .002” x .023”
  • .003” x .020”
  • .003” x .040”
  • .003” x .050”
  • .004” x .060”
  • .004” x .090”
  • 005” x 060
  • 005” x 090
  • 008” x 125

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Helical Drawing
Series A B C D
MSHW-000-E 0.003 0.007 0.020 0.040
MSHW-100-E 0.003 0.007 0.020 0.067
MSHW-200-E 0.003 0.012 0.040 0.100
MSHW-300-E 0.004 0.015 0.060 0.160
MSHW-400-E 0.005 0.020 0.090 0.200
MSHW-500-E 0.008 0.025 0.125 0.324
Helical Spring Configurations

Elgiloy Helical Spring Load Deflection Test

Stainless Steel Helical Spring Load Deflection Test

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