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Threaded Inserts for Plastics

Threaded inserts are inserted into plastic components to add strength to screw connections. Many threaded inserts for plastics are produced from brass, which creates a secure base for fastening inserted screws and allows for a longer thread life; however, they can be produced using various materials. These components are often found in thermoplastic and thermoset plastic assemblies to add necessary reinforcement to connecting fasteners.

Style options for our threaded inserts for plastic include chevron, headed chevron, expansion, headed expansion, mold-in (blind, closed and thru-thread), press-in, headed press-in, symmetrical, and tapered (long and short).

CAD files for stock and standard threaded inserts are available in our online store.

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Custom Threaded Inserts

MW Components specializes in custom manufacturing. Our team of engineering and fabrication experts is ready and available to assist you anywhere you happen to be in the design and production process. We offer optional tooling, CAD modeling, and prototyping assistance for custom projects in their beginning phases, as well as many secondary processes for the proper finishing of your custom component. We even perform in-house cleaning, polishing, and performance testing services as required.

Our Design Engineers will be happy to adapt an existing insert or create a custom design specifically for your application. And you’ll be surprised how quickly we get back to you. Get in touch with us for custom threaded inserts for plastics, brass inserts for plastics, blind threaded inserts, threaded studs, and more.

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MW Components - Threaded Inserts for Plastics, Compression Limiters, CNC Studs

Threaded Inserts Manufacturing

MW Components produces threaded inserts and other fastener products for multiple industries and applications. Our threaded inserts are generally produced using aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, carbon steel, or stainless steel from round, hex, or square bar stock. We offer various optional machining services, secondary finishes, and certification options for your convenience to customize the exact part you need.

MW produces several styles of threaded inserts which are installed using one of several installation methods. View our threaded insert installation page for more details on which style and process may be right for your application.

Threaded Insert Installation Options

Assembly line component manufacturing

Related Manufacturing Services

In addition to standard engineering and manufacturing services, we offer various additional services and finishes as requested.

  • CAD Modeling
  • Grinding
  • Prototyping
  • Tooling
  • Plating
  • Heat Treatments

Quality Materials

Threaded inserts are commonly produced using one of the below materials. If you require specialty materials, contact us for custom quote information

  • Brass
  • Stainless Steel


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  • ISO9001:2000

Threaded Insert Styles & Configurations

  • H series tapered brass threaded insert
    E & HE Series Threaded Expansion Inserts

    Our E & HE Series threaded expansion inserts are designed to provide strong reusable threads in thermosets and other hard plastics. Expansion inserts are pressed into the plastic and expand when the assembly screw is tightened. The sharp diamond knurling provides resistance to tensile and torque loads. The mating screw should be designed for full thread engagement. This will allow the insert to fully expand. For best results, the boss diameters should be approximately 2-1/2 times the recommended hole size. In “through-hole” applications, the HE Series flange adds greater strength for tensile pull loads. Inserts are available with or without a flange.

    Additional information can be found in our Design Guidelines.

  • C Series: Chevron Threaded Insert for Plastic
    C Series Chevron Threaded Inserts

    Some thermoplastics, like polycarbonates and structural foams, are brittle - especially in thin-wall applications. Designed for straight holes using ultrasonic or thermal processes, our chevron threaded inserts for plastic add considerable strength. They are our most popular brass inserts, offering the most overall length choices.

    Our chevron inserts feature two opposing bands of sharp diagonal knurls, providing high tensile pull-out load-carrying capability. Little or no stress is applied to the walls of the molded holes. A lead-in pilot diameter assures true perpendicular alignment.

    Additional information can be found in our Design Guidelines.

  • H series tapered brass threaded insert
    H Series Tapered Threaded Inserts

    H Series tapered threaded inserts for plastics outperform all competitive inserts for ultrasonic and thermal installation into thermoplastic or structural foam. Our customers confirm it.

    We’ve eliminated the outward stress that occurs with other insert designs during the installation process. Our proprietary “knuckle knurl” ensures a more uniform flow of material into the diagonal knurls and undercuts, ensuring a complete fill, reducing installation time, and increasing holding strengths. The tapered insert design makes alignment faster and more accurate, reducing installation time.

    Additional information can be found in our Design Guidelines.

  • HC Series: Headed Chevron Insert, brass inserts for plastics
    HC Series Headed Chevron Inserts

    Our HC Series headed chevron threaded inserts offer the same benefits as the C Series, plus a flanged head for a greater load-bearing surface in weaker plastics. This headed insert offers a large contact area for electrical connections and greater pull-out strengths for reverse entry applications.

    Additional information can be found in our Design Guidelines.

  • MB Series: Mold-In Blind Threaded Inserts for Plastics
    MB Series Mold-In Blind Threaded Inserts for Plastics

    Our MB Series threaded insert is designed to be molded into the plastic component during the molding cycle. Typically, the insert is placed on a core pin in the mold during the molding cycle. The insert is designed with aggressive knurling and undercuts to resist rotational and tensile pull loads. The part has a closed bottom (blind thread) to eliminate plastic flow into the threads. Although our catalog insert is brass, this product can also be manufactured in stainless steel, steel, and aluminum.

  • MC Series: Mold-In Closed-End Inserts
    MC Series Mold-In Closed-End Inserts

    Our MC-Series insert is designed to be molded into plastics, rubber & ceramics. The insert is designed with aggressive diamond knurling that provides high resistance to tensile pull and rotational torque loads. It has a closed bottom and a controlled minor diameter which provides for accurate positioning on core pins. The “closed-end” bottom prevents plastic flow into the threads.

  • MT Series Mold-In Thru-Thread Inserts

    Our MT-Series insert is designed to be molded into Plastics, Rubber & Ceramics. The insert is designed with aggressive diamond knurling that provides high resistance to tensile pull and rotational torque loads. It also has a controlled minor diameter which provides for accurate positioning on core pins.

  • P & HP Series Threaded Press-In Inserts

    P & HP Series press-in threaded inserts for plastics provide adequate holding strengths without the use of ultrasonic or heat equipment. These straight-hole threaded inserts are most commonly used in thermosets or other hard plastics. The pilot end provides for fast alignment. The insert is placed in a hole, pressure is applied and the three bands of helical knurls dig down deep and lock the insert in place, providing excellent torque-out resistance.

    Additional information can be found in our Design Guidelines.

  • S Series Symmetrical Threaded Inserts

    Say goodbye to expensive part orientation high-volume feeding mechanisms. Our symmetrical threaded inserts for plastic can be installed either end first for faster installation (using ultrasonic or thermal equipment) and lower costs.

    By decreasing outward hoop stress, symmetrical threaded inserts decrease cycle times. Their proportionally engineered design ensures that the displaced material is encapsulated by knurls and undercuts. They are designed for straight hole applications and are ideal for thin-wall applications because little stress is applied to the walls of the part.

    Additional information can be found in our Design Guidelines.

  • SH & SC Series Threaded Studs

    Threaded studs are commonly used to fulfill specific design functions, to save money in production costs, to function as electrical contacts, or to replace self-tapping or removable screws. Thread lengths are available to meet your specific requirements. Special studs without threads can be used as axles, pivots, pins, locating points, or solder terminals.

    The body of the SH Series Threaded Stud is specifically modeled after our H Series Insert. Its key feature is the tapered design, which allows for easy insertion into tapered molded or drilled holes. They may be installed using the thermal or ultrasonic method or can be molded in place.

    The body of the SC Series Threaded Stud is modeled after our C Series Insert. Its key feature is the opposing diagonal knurls, which will provide exceptional rotational and tensile resistance. The SC Series is designed for straight molded or drilled holes. They may be installed using the thermal or ultrasonic method or can be molded in place.

    Additional information can be found in our Design Guidelines.

Helpful Information on Threaded Inserts for Plastics

Heat Set Threaded Inserts

We offer a full range of threaded inserts designed for ultrasonic or heat installation into thermoplastics or structural foam materials. Installed into tapered or straight plastic molded holes, heat-set threaded inserts offer high-performance strength values along with cost-effective advantages. Lead-in pilot diameter at the front end of the inserts accurately positions the insert prior to installation ensuring on-center thread alignment. Our products are offered in two different lengths, providing superior assembly strength. Materials for our heat-set threaded inserts typically include 360 Brass, which are electrically conductive, nonmagnetic, and have good corrosion resistance properties. Alternative materials such as Aluminum “lighter in weight” and 303 Stainless offer lead-free and corrosive resistance advantages also.

Knurled Threaded Inserts

MW Components provides knurled threaded inserts designed for ultrasonic, heat, or press-in installations into thermoplastic and structural foam materials. The outer body knurl designs provide excellent torque resistance and the undercut channels deliver optimum pull-out strength. The plastic area surrounding molded hole softens when heated during insert installation, then cools to re-solidify which provides a tight grip around the insert’s knurls and undercuts sections to ensure strong torque and pull-out resistance. Offered in a broad range of both Metric and Imperial thread sizes, our knurled threaded inserts are available in 2-3 different lengths.

Stainless Steel Threaded Inserts for Plastics

MW Components produces and stocks stainless steel threaded inserts for plastics in a variety of styles and sizes. These inserts are manufactured from Stainless Alloy 303 and passivated per QQ-P-35 for extra corrosion resistance. Stainless Steel inserts are an alternative to other materials that require expensive, secondary plating operation that insured a corrosion-resistant barrier is present in a highly corrosive and sanitary environment such as food and beverage industries, medical and marine to integrated circuit manufacturers. Also, stainless steel threaded inserts for plastics offer a lead-free alternative.

Threaded Fastener Troubleshooting Guide

Looking for information on why a threaded fastener may be failing? Review our threaded fastener troubleshooting guide.

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