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The machining process known as grinding or abrasive cutting uses a grinding wheel with an abrasive surface to cut or grind away unwanted material, creating a smooth finish. MW offers a few different grinding services including CNC grinding, electrochemical grinding (ECG), and precision sharpening.

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Available Grinding Services

CNC Grinding

In this process, precision machining and computer-aided software combine to operate a rotating wheel which is used to remove unwanted material from a metal blank.

Electrochemical Grinding

In this process, a positively charged workpiece is ground to the desired specifications by performing an abrasive process using a negatively charged grinding wheel and electrolyte fluid which works to remove electrically conductive material.


Sharpening is a grinding process where the tip of the workpiece is ground at an angle to sharpen a blunt end to a point.

Industries Served

These machining processes are use most often in the production of precision components designed for use in very specific applications. Our machined components are found in a variety of industries.

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