Whether you are creating a new product or repairing existing equipment, MW Components provides the precision parts you need when you need them. Our US-based manufacturing facilities represent a diverse supply base for multiple industries, including aerospace, medical, energy, agriculture, and more.

No matter how complex the application, as a world-class supplier with in-house engineering expertise and hundreds of thousands of products, we have the resources to meet your needs.

Manufacturing industry specialist at MW Components
  • Flight engine - aerospace component manufacturing
    Custom springs, fasteners, and related precision-metal components that meet the highest standards for aerospace applications. MW Components offers stock components as well as expert design assistance for custom aerospace parts.
  • Agricultural equipment & manufacturing
    Durable, reliable components including hot wound springs, retaining rings, valve springs, disc springs, and assemblies for agriculture equipment.
  • Automotive component manufacturing
    With specialty expertise in suspension and powertrain applications, our automotive manufacturing capabilities provide the highest quality springs, wire forms, transmission retaining rings, and more.
  • Electric car parts
    Precision electric car components including micro cold headed fasteners, electrical contacts, brake springs, and custom electric car parts.
  • Defense and military manufacturing
    Suspension springs, vehicle-mounted antenna springs, and heavy-duty springs for armored personnel carriers and MRAP vehicles. Our expert military, defense, and marine manufacturing helps you get parts that are lighter, more protective, and cost-effective.
  • Electronic component manufacturing
    Electronic components and hardware including circuit board supports, captive screws, swage standoffs, and other precision parts for consumer electronics, telecommunications, and more. Our stock and custom electronic components are distributed worldwide.
  • Oil rig and energy manufacturing equipment
    Custom products designed and manufactured for the harshest down-hole and oil rig environments. Our oil and gas components include precision springs, tubing and wire forms, and assemblies.
  • Construction equipment
    From material handling and vibratory equipment to suspension and hydraulic components, MW’s construction parts provide reliable functionality that fits your production schedule.
  • Public bus and transportation
    The highest quality brake springs, clutch springs, fuel injector and fuel pump springs, engine valve springs, and accessory springs for heavy trucks, and commercial vehicles. Our engineering team can help you develop and manufacture parts for new or existing products.
  • Surgical room & medical manufacturing
    Custom medical manufacturing and support services for new devices and precision components including wire forms, metal stampings, coil springs, torsion springs, tubular components, and product assemblies.
  • Racing part manufacturing
    Improve flexibility and performance with Hyperco, the MW brand that has supplied precision components to every Indy 500 winner in the last 50 years. Motorsport and racing components include suspension springs, hydraulic load-centering spring perches, and composite leaf springs.
  • Lawn mower and power tool component manufacturing
    State-of-the-art components that can withstand the demanding conditions and extended use of power tool applications. We offer standard and custom brake band springs, compression springs, extension springs, return springs, and component systems.
  • Semiconductor manufacturing
    Flexible components that meet the tight tolerances and demanding quality standards of semiconductor applications. MW Components manufactures standard and custom metal bellows, steel braided hose, and other parts used by semiconductor OEMs and distributors.
  • Mass transportation - Custom transit components manufacturing
    Springs, machined components, and assemblies for mass transit and freight applications. We design and manufacture products that reduce weight, improve comfort and performance, and increase reliability for train, and light rail applications.
  • Valve manufacturing equipment
    Precision engineering and manufacturing for all types of control valve springs including compression, extension, torsion, leaf and Belleville, as well as manifolds and valve bodies. Our valve components serve critical safety needs and can function in extreme environments.