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Manufacturing Services

Custom Fasteners

A Reputation for Superior Quality - Get the Fasteners You Need

MW is known for its breadth of customization options for stock, standard, and specialty fasteners, including the availability of specialty materials, which means that we are devoted to delivering the best possible custom fasteners to your customers within the timeline and requirements in which you need.

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Why Choose Us for Custom & Specialty Fasteners?

If you work in an industry that needs specialty fasteners for a specific product, you can’t order them from just anywhere. Instead, you need a partner that can manufacture exactly what you need from print to part. At MW, we have the right fastener, right now – even specialty nuts and bolts.

When it comes to specialty screws and fasteners, we have an incredible range of materials and capabilities to manufacture the product you’re looking for, built to your print. From open and closed die cold forming to wire forming and precision machining, we can fulfill everything from single-piece requests to large-scale fastener orders. Our deep, diverse raw material inventory of alloys and exotic metals ensures that your fasteners will be properly manufactured for your application. Working with MW and our made-in-the-USA manufacturing locations guarantees high-quality fasteners that are limited only by the imagination.

Design Support from Experts

No matter where you are in the design process, we have you covered. MW fastener locations offer CAD-On-Demand and viewable 3D images and downloadable DXF, PROE, IGES, and STEP drawings of precision-machined fasteners and hardware. We also offer specialized manufacturing of small prototype quantities with a rapid turnaround time.

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Access to Industry-Leading Machinery

MW can provide custom print-to-part manufacturing. Our state-of-the-art equipment allows for the machining of special materials and tight tolerances. Most customized product orders can ship within a week.

Custom Manufacturing

Materials Available

Our customers know they can rely on us for our unique expertise in working with exotic materials. Don't see what you need? Contact us. We work with dozens of standard and specialty materials.

  • Alloy Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Carbon Steel
  • Copper Alloys
  • Nickel Alloys
  • Specialty Materials

Custom Fasteners Specifications

Custom Fastener Types & Sizes

We specialize in high-precision custom manufacturing to meet tight tolerances. Below is a small sample of the typical fastener OD sizes we manufacture. Contact us for more details on our custom manufacturing capabilities not listed here.

Custom Standoffs & Spacers
Fastener Type Min. OD Max. OD
Bolts .250" .625"
Bushings .187" 1.281"
Screws .313" .750"
Spacers .125" .875"
Standoffs .156" .500"
Washers .040" 3.5"
Chassis Fasteners .250" .375"
Hand Screws .625" 1"
Handles .125" .500"
Micro Fasteners 0 .394"

Typical Lead Times

We can usually provide custom fastener quotes in one to two business days. Lead times will vary based on the type of fastener requested, volume, material, finish, and unique added features.

Custom Fasteners
Fastener Type Lead Time
Bolts 2-4 weeks
Bushings 2-4 weeks
Screws 2-4 weeks
Handles/Ferrules 2-4 weeks
Nuts 2-4 weeks
Threaded Inserts 2-4 weeks
Spacers 2-4 weeks
Standoffs 2-4 weeks
Studs 2-4 weeks
Pins 2-4 weeks
Locking Fasteners 2-4 weeks
Retainers 2-4 weeks
Washers 2-4 weeks
Circuit Board Supports 2-4 weeks
Chassis Fasteners 2-4 weeks

Available Finishing Services

Custom fasteners can be made to exact specifications while using industry-standard finishing services like the following:

Locking Fasteners
Finishing Service Description
Cleaning & Polishing Get the final product you need with enhanced appearance and protection from corrosion.
CNC Machining Computer-aided software assists with milling, turning, stamping and forming.
Coating Prevent corrosion and abrasion with electroplating or powder coating.
Grinding Get the end-configuration specific to your design and application needs.
Heat Treatments Heat setting and more to improve the life and durability of your fasteners.
Hot Forging Pressing, hammering, or other forming process using heat.
Standard fastener products

Standard Fasteners

In addition to custom products, MW offers a wide range of standard fasteners that can be purchased as is or configured to your needs. Visit our online store to view our standard fastener products.

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MAThread fastener

MAThread Fasteners

One of the most versatile anti-cross thread products available, MAThread fasteners' popular, unique point design elimiates cross threading and easily “glides” into every assembly.

Explore MAThread Fasteners

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