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Foil / Tool Wrap

Stainless steel tool wrap or tool foil is used to protect tools, dies, and other parts when heat treatments are applied. When used properly, it prevents scaling or decarburization.

Foil tool wrap is wrapped around the tool with the edges enclosed, creating an envelope. This air-tight container prevents the loss of surface carbon during heat treatment. Intense heat exposure can cause irrevocable damage to some materials. Tool wrap prevents this damage and improves the encased tool’s cycle-life. As a bonus, foil wrap also eliminates the need for additional packaging with sawdust or charcoal, saving you money and hassle.

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Quality Materials

Our tool wrap is made from stainless steel and generally comes in either 10" or 20" lengths. Below are the stainless steel types we use for this product.

  • 309 Stainless Steel
  • 321 Stainless Steel

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