Bellows / Couplings

MW Components manufactures precision machined industrial bellows, couplings, and u-joints for various industries, including aerospace, energy, industrial, defense, and medical to name a few. Our technologically advanced facilities use state-of-the-art machining and specialty processes to build specialized components to meet your requirements for compression, extension, stroke, convolution length, environmental tolerances, and other factors.

In addition to access to specialized manufacturing equipment and processes, we stock a variety of standard and specialty materials to choose from, ensuring that whatever the ask, we have what it takes to build the right part for your needs.

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Custom Bellows & Custom Couplings

If your application requires custom components, you’ve come to the right place. Our 30 plus facilities specialize in custom component manufacturing and offer a selection of fabrication processes, finishes, materials, and additional optional certifications. We also offer optional services for tooling, prototyping, project management, and specialty quality control and performance testing specific to your industry and application.

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Bellows and Couplings

Bellows Manufacturing

MW Components manufactures stock and custom metal bellows with the precise tolerances required to deliver exact dimensions, stroke length, convolution length, and temperature ranges for demanding applications across multiple industries. Multiple Manufacturing Processes We produce custom-manufactured metal bellows using three key technologies: edge welding, electrodepositing, and hydroforming. Each can be used to produce precision parts for the most demanding applications. The optimum choice of technology will depend on your specific application.

To review the products we offer, visit our Metal Bellows page, or view the Bellows Technology Comparison Guide to compare the three bellows forming technologies.

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Hydroformed bellows assemblies

Coupling & U-Joint Manufacturing

Couplings and universal joints (U-joints) are key components in many products. They must perform day-in, day-out, often in highly demanding environments. So it’s critical they are precision-engineered to the highest standards. We manufacture flexible couplings and universal joints to exact tolerances. Our customers span industries including energy, oil and gas, industrial, medical, aerospace, and defense. They know they can trust us to do whatever it takes to deliver the components they need to succeed.

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