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Hydroformed Bellows

MW Components is the nation's number one manufacturer of metal bellows for the vacuum electronics industry. Our bellows and expansion joints are designed to absorb and reduce vibration and relieve structural stress from working under pressure, extreme temperatures, and other variables. We specialize in thin-wall bellows and welcome prototyping, low-volume production runs, as well as large orders.

We manufacture hydroformed metal bellows from various materials with multiple options for sizes and wall thicknesses and our metal bellows are designed specifically for each application. We work with you to determine the precise tolerances required and identify the exact production method and necessary ranges to meet your goals.


All Hydroformed Bellows

Custom Manufacturing

Custom Hydroformed Bellows

Our metal bellows are made to meet customer requirements for movement, pitch, bend radius, and other considerations. With in-house tooling capabilities, MW Components can create custom metal bellows that match your exact specifications each and every time.

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Electrodeposited metal bellows assembly

Hydroformed Metal Bellows Manufacturing

MW Components combines exceptional engineering, state-of-the-art manufacturing, extremely close dimensional tolerances, and decades of experience to deliver top-quality metal bellows for any application.

Production Capabilities:

  • Size ranges from 1/4" I.D. to 48" I.D.
  • Wall thickness ranges from 0.002" single-ply to 0.056" multi-ply
  • Precision CNC machining within a few thousand of an inch
  • Material options include copper, Monel™, titanium, Inconel®,
    Hastelloy®, brass, phosphorus bronze, and stainless steel (21 and 316L)
  • DFAR- compliant materials available

Standard Hydroformed Bellows Diaphragm Sizes

MW Components offers various standard diaphragm sizes. View the full list of available sizes to find the best option for your project.


Hydroformed Bellows Applications

MW Components manufactures standard and custom hydroformed bellows for a variety of applications. Some of the more common applications for this manufacturing process include the below.

Need More Information?

For details and questions on hydroformed bellows applications, features, and capabilities, ask an MW expert.