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Manufacturing Services

Components Manufactured to Solve Your Specific Challenges

For certain industries and applications, specialized manufacturing processes and equipment are required to ensure optimum component performance and life cycle expectations. Our experienced team of experts works with you to create, refine, and optimize component designs to specific tolerances, performance requirements, and use cases. With extensive design for manufacturability (DFM) expertise, rapid prototyping, and the ability to scale to any volume, we’ll help you solve your most pressing challenges.

Custom industrial manufacturing - Quality control & design assistance

Accelerating Your New Product Development

It used to be that if you needed a component fast, you’d have to settle for a stock part and compromise on performance. Not any more. At MW Components, we’ve accelerated the entire process of designing, developing, and manufacturing custom components. Put simply, we can help you get your products to market faster.

Simplifying Custom Part Complexity

It may be that you currently work with some suppliers for stock parts and others for custom components. You may even work with multiple vendors for each. With MW Components, you can combine how you source both stock and custom components and simplify the entire process of how you buy, commission, and manage your part inventory.

Manufacturing Services

Delivering Your Components at Speed and Scale

Today, every project has accelerated timelines. It’s why we’ve invested in the latest technology and processes to streamline the entire design-to-manufacture process for high performance. We can create your design fast, quickly prototype your component to assess performance, and manufacture it at any scale—from just a few parts to multiple millions.

MW Components manufacturing - Heavy truck & transportation

Engineering & Design Consulting

Engineering Expertise to Add Value to Your Designs

Our expert team will partner with you at every step of the design and manufacturing process. They’ll work with you to create custom components to suit your individual specifications. They’ll begin adding value right from your initial conversation, helping you balance performance, manufacturability, and cost.

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MW Components - Custom manufacturing - Rapid prototyping

Ready for Production?

Custom Parts

Creating Precisely the Custom Components You Need

Our team has experience spanning multiple industries, component types, and processes. We bring in-depth understanding across a wide range of alloys and materials. And we know how to translate your design objectives into high-performing, cost-effective components and assemblies.

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Industrial manufacturing & assembly