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Motor Shims

MW Component's Kemah, Texas location (Maudlin) manufacturers shims for all types of electric motors, both large and small. Depending on the NEMA frame, Maudlin offers standard 2” X 2” up to 5” X 5” shims, or can produce custom-made shims for larger or special motor applications. Some of those motors include Westinghouse, WEG (visit our Weg Motor Shim Page for more details), Baldor, Mitsubishi, Waukesha, and Caterpillar. Shims are used to properly align the motor to a pump or other application, to prevent bearing and coupling failure due to vibration. Having good shaft alignment is key to equipment running smoothly and having a good cycle life.

Typical lead times: 3-5 business days (depending on qty. required)

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Custom Motor Shims

MW Components has decades of experience producing components for multiple industries and applications. Our experience combined with our state-of-the-art facilities and our team of manufacturing and engineering experts ensures that the right part is produced for the right application time after time. We even offer optional added services for your convenience, whether you need help with design, prototyping, tooling, or inventory management.

Contact us for custom quote information to send us your specs or begin production on custom parts.

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Motor Shims Manufacturing

Our motor shims are produced similarly to our standard shims; however, they are cut via water jet technology. Water jet cutting is a precise method of cutting difficult materials and provides a clean cut with zero taperings. Unlike laser cutting, our 5-Axis Waterjet Cutting System eliminates slag in heat-affected areas. To learn more about this process, visit our Waterjet Cutting Page.

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Quality Materials

MW generally produces thick shims using one of the below materials. If your application requires specialty materials or measurements, contact us for a custom quote.

  • A36 Steel
  • 302/304 Stainless Steel

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