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CAD Models

MW Components offers free CAD models for a wide variety of products including springs and fasteners. All downloads are available in our online store.

Free CAD Downloads

MW Components offers free CAD downloads for many standard products, including compression springs, extension springs, torsion springs, captive screws, retainers, and more. To download CADs, navigate to the shop page, and click on the CAD icon for the part you're interested in. Direct links to some of our most popular products are below.

Find CADs in Our Store

How to Download CADs

Follow the steps below to download a CAD for a part you're interested in:

1. Navigate to the MW Components' online store by selecting Shop in the top navigation.

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2. Select the part category you're interested in using the categories on the page or the filters in the left column.

Metal component part categories on website

3. Find your part in the product table. You can filter the table based on column values or you can use the filters in the left column to find your part by selecting your preferred specifications. Available specifications will vary by product type.

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4. Once you've located the part or parts you're interested in, click on the CAD model icon in the table's far left column. You will be prompted to log in to your account. If you don't currently have an account, you can create one for free.

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5. After logging in, make any additional specifications available such as optional finishes, and choose your preferred CAD format.

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6. Click "Download CAD", then select "Click Here to Download" after your CAD has been generated. Your CAD model will download to your computer.

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Purchasing and Quote Options

Our online store has two main types of products:

  1. In-stock parts that are available for immediate purchasable online. These parts have a shopping cart in the "Buy" column that allows you to add the part directly to your cart. Demonstration for website
  2. Standard or configurable parts that require a pricing quote from one of our team members. These parts have an envelope in the "Buy" column that will add the part to your Request a Quote Cart. When you check out, items in your Request a Quote Cart will be sent to our team for review and pricing quotes.Demonstration for website

If you want to search our store only for products that are available for immediate purchase online, select "Hide Non-Purchasable". This will show you only items that you can purchase immediately online.

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