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Manufacturing Services

Coatings & Surface Treatments

Added Durability & Performance

MW Industries offers a vast array of coatings and other surface treatment options, from plating to passivation and more. These surface treatments allow for added durability and performance in difficult environments and can be used to protect against any number of chemical, electrical, and environmental factors.

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Coating & Surface Treatment Options


This is a passivation process used to thicken the natural oxide layer on the external surface of metal components. This offers added protection for aluminum alloys, titanium, zinc, and other metals.


Plating is a manufacturing process where a thin coating is applied to a component’s surface through chemicals or electric current (electroplating).


Passivation is a chemical treatment used in engineering to manipulate the material, causing it to become more “passive” or less affected by environmental factors like corrosion. In this process, an acidic substance is added to the part’s surface to remove iron deposits and add a protective layer to guard against possible chemical reactions with the surrounding air.


Dyeing is generally used to increase accuracy by helping assembly line workers identify specific parts.

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