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Metal Bellows Assemblies

Metal bellows are flexible, spring-like components that are custom-designed to fit a variety of applications. Bellows assemblies are ideal for hermetic sealing, pressure sensors, valve seals, and more. Bellows assemblies are built to meet your specifications, or designed by our team of in-house engineers to meet the your unique requirements.

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All Bellows Assemblies


Custom Bellows Assemblies

Get maximum superiority and strength with our metal bellows assemblies. MW Components offers multiple types of custom bellows assemblies that can be manufactured for your specific needs. Our team of in-house design, engineering, and manufacturing experts can work with you to refine your design and improve manufacturability, ensuring you get the assembly you need, in the most cost-effective way possible.

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Electroformed Bellows Assemblies

Our electroformed bellows assemblies offer superior flexibility and sensitivity combined with rugged, durable construction. We manufacture bellows assemblies that are lightweight, with low mass. Other options include:

  • Wall construction as thin as .0002 inch to increase sensitivity
  • The ability to provide large deflections with forces as small as 4 grams.
  • The option to compress up to 60% of their free length
  • Infinite cycle life expectancy with 100,000 cycles standard
  • Leak tight construction that eliminates the risk of contamination

Electroformed bellows assemblies can be manufactured in standard round shapes as well as rectangular, square, oval, and multi-faceted shapes to meet unique application requirements.

Hydroformed Bellows Assemblies

We manufacture a full line of hydroformed bellows assemblies to complement our metal bellows. We manufacture:

  • Bolt-style bellows assemblies
  • Clamp-style bellows assemblies
  • Flanges
  • Valve assemblies
  • Expansion joints

Every hydroformed bellows assembly we make is ultrasonically cleaned prior to welding, and helium leak tested after to ensure weld integrity and defect-free construction. All hydroformed bellows assemblies are ready for immediate installation, with no assembly required, to save you time and money in the production process.

Bellows Sub Assembly Services

We have developed tens of thousands of solutions to bellows system and assembly challenges. We produce customized bellows end pieces quickly and conveniently regardless of size, shape, or quantity, and add the machined component to the assembly per your requirements. Our customers can request specific bellows lengths, materials, and die sizes based upon their requirements.

For medical, military, aerospace, and other high-technology applications, MW Components offers a range of efficient precision assembly services that reduce component costs and lead times while sustaining quality. Quantities can range from one piece to full production runs. Our assembly services satisfy the most stringent application requirements.

For example, we assemble key parts for a precision adhesive dispenser, brazing a tungsten carbide sealing ball to a steel solenoid pin without dents, pits or flats on the shaft surface. We specialize in soldering, induction brazing, electron-beam welding, and adhesive bonding for thin-walled miniature components. Evacuated assembly, hermetic sealing and back-fill operations routinely produce precision temperature and pressure-sensitive devices. For a military or aerospace application, we supply fully evacuated and sealed pressure switches for oxygen regulators. Contact us or fill out our custom design form to learn more.

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Key Types of Bellows Assemblies

Learn more about our most popular types of bellows assemblies, or contact us for details on our custom metal bellows assembly services for your bellows system.

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