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Exact Solutions

MW Industries specializes in the production of industry-standard and custom components for a variety of markets and applications. Our 30+ locations offer a vast selection of finishing services including surface treatments and coatings, grinding, heat treatments, welding, and more. Our capabilities continue to grow and expand to ensure that our customers have the widest range of manufacturing options available.

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Explore Our Finishing Services

Cleaning & Polishing

In addition to standard part cleaning and polishing, many of our facilities are certified for aerospace, defense, and medical purposes, meaning we offer various finishing services to ensure quality and performance for critical applications, up to and including specialized cleaning.


We perform precision sharpening and CNC grinding services including electrochemical grinding in the production or finishing phase as needed for your intended application.

Heat Treatments

Outside of hardening and tempering, we offer a variety of other heat treatment options either in-house or through outside services to ensure your desired ranges are reached for cycle-life, toughness, and resistance to environmental forces.


MW offers a wide variety of plating options, including zinc, cadmium, nickel, mechanical dip spins, hexavalent free chromates (RoHS compliant), and more. We also offer several colors based on your needs. Colors include green, red, yellow, and black, among others.


Welding involves the joining together of two materials using heat or pressure, which creates a bond once the materials have cooled. There are many forms of welding. They are separated by the type of energy or amount of heat needed to perform the operation, including low-heat, high-heat, and adhesion methods.

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