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Washers are a variation of a spacer and are generally round and include a central hole that may or may not be threaded. Many types of washers have a beveled shape that allows them to act as a spring, while others have features that prevent loosening or spinning. Washers add space between components and create a wider area of contact for screws and other fasteners. They also may provide protection from environmental factors like electricity and heat.

Washers are available in a variety of styles on our online store including Belleville washers, flat, flat-configurable, lock, panel-screw, panel-screw retainer, shoulder, and threaded.

CAD files for stock and standard washers are available in our online store.

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Custom Washers

Our list of available manufacturing services is vast, providing you endless options for component customizations, from specialty materials and finishing services to design assistance, CAD modeling, and tooling; we offer it all. And with various optional industry-standard certifications available at many of our facilities, you can ensure that the part we create for you will deliver the performance you require.

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Washer Manufacturing

Our washers are available in both metallic and non-metallic varieties, with sizes ranging from .040 to 3.5″ OD and .020 to 3″ ID.

Related Manufacturing Services

In addition to standard engineering and manufacturing services, we offer various additional services.

Quality Materials

We produce washers made from a variety of materials. Some examples of commonly requested materials used to make these products include the following:


Available applicable certifications include:

  • AS9100D
  • ISO9001:2015
  • ITAR Compliant

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