Precision Components

In-depth Design and Engineering Expertise

As a leader in custom precision component manufacturing, MW has the right tools, resources, and experience to help your team develop the precision components you need for your specific application or end-use. From simple designs to components that require intricate work for multi-function use and everything in-between, we’ve seen it all.

Our multi-axis machining technology allows us to perform milling, turning, cross-drilling, engraving, and other machining techniques using a single machine. All-in-one machining operations like this allow us to eliminate costly secondary processes, saving you time and money while ensuring your part is produced to your exact specifications.

Precision-machined component illustration

Custom Components

In addition to industry-leading technology and machinery, MW also has a team of devoted design and engineering specialists ready to assist you with custom machined and formed component manufacturing production. We offer additional support services including, design, tooling, prototyping, project management, and specialty quality control and performance testing.

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Precision machined components - Electronic hardware connectors & standoffs

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