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MW Components manufactures custom electroforms and electroformed parts for specialty applications, including those that require unusual shapes, miniature sizes, or close tolerances. Our structurally rigid and rugged, yet extremely lightweight. These desirable characteristics make our electroforms ideal for replacing plastic components that lack the tensile strength needed for mission-critical applications. Electroforms can also replace machined components that are too heavy for critical applications. We have produced millions of electroforms with ideal combinations of strength and flexibility using our signature Cobalt-Nickel alloy, FlexNickel®, and proprietary electrodepositing technology.

In addition to FlexNickel®, we can manufacture electroforms from high-strength nickel-alloy, copper, or gold. These same materials can also be used as a surface finish or layer along with mirror finishes and low reflective coatings. We use a patented process to combine layers of materials for applications that require different media compatibility or reflective finishes on internal or external surfaces. The electroforming process can be used to manufacture round and rectangular flexible waveguides.

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Custom Electroforms & Electroformed Parts

Any industry that requires electroforms with unique sizes, materials, and finishes can benefit from our custom electroform manufacturing. We manufacture specialty solutions for medical, defense, semiconductors, energy, oil and gas, and many more. We also have access to specialty materials allowing us to create custom electroform products using copper, nickel, gold, or others. We have found that our electroforms are particularly ideal for aerospace and other lightweight applications, which require components that can tolerate freezing temperatures and tight tolerances.

No matter your application, our team of engineering and production experts is here for you. To send us your specs or configure a part, request a custom quote.

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  • Extremely lightweight
  • Rigid structure
  • Large shape and size ranges, including unusual shapes and sizes
  • Can withstand extreme temperatures, including -423 to 1000 F for static applications
  • Micro finished surfaces as fine as 4 R.M.S.
  • Able to support varying wall thicknesses on a single part

Electroform Applications

  • Camera desiccant container
  • Diaphragm
  • EMI connector shielding
  • Reservoir
  • Lens holders

Other Precision-Machined Components

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