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Available Machining Services

At MW, we have more than 30 locations that specialize in manufacturing both stock and custom components for various industries and applications. Our industry experience, knowledgeable team of engineers and subject matter experts, and our access to cutting-edge machining technology and equipment ensure that we can produce the best products for your application.

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Milling is accomplished using computerized controls to operate motorized cutting tools.


The manufacturing process known as CNC turning involves feeding metal bars into a machine and applying one or several tools that gradually shape the material into the desired form. Examples of capabilities that our precision turning centers have include Swiss lathe machining, threading, tapping, cross drilling, end or side milling, and broaching.


Drilling is the process of cutting one or several holes into a material using a machine equipped with a drill bit.


Honing is a machining process used to improve a metal’s exterior finish or enhance the geometric form of a surface. Honing is accomplished by applying an abrasive grinding wheel or stone to shape the metal along a designated path.


Micromachining is a manufacturing process where mechanical micro tools are generally used to cut or remove unwanted material to create components with dimensions that fall within the micrometer range, from 1-999 μm. One example of micro-component machinery used is a CNC Swiss Lathe.

Stone & Tile Cutting

We perform stone and tile cutting using our 5-axis waterjet cutting system that makes precise cuts through even the toughest materials.

Industries Served

These machining processes are used most often in the production of precision components designed for use in very specific applications. Our machined components are found in a variety of industries.

Custom Machined Parts

While the majority of our machining processes were originally designated for the production of metal parts like springs, fasteners, bellows, and similar machined components, we will gladly take on additional jobs outside our standard scope of work which requires similar machining processes. Some services our job shops perform include:

  • Laser Engraving
  • Medical Laser Processing
  • Stone & Tile Cutting

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