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Fact Sheet

Spring Material: Titanium

Extremely Strong & Lightweight

Titanium offers very high strength at low weight. It provides maximum force in a small space. It is both hot and cold “workable.” Titanium has a low torsion modulus and is heat treatable after forming. Its ability to be hot formed, enables the fabrication of larger springs.

Grades / Attributes

Grade 5 and Beta C, which is used extensively in the aerospace industry.

Spring Applications

Primarily aerospace including springs for airplane controls and landing gear. Also used for military and automotive applications. Other uses include implantable medical devices and compensator springs for oil and gas applications.

Material Benefits

Alternative material for stainless steel or Inconel®. Stainless steel is heavier, but much less expensive. Weight/cost attributes needs to be considered.


Temperature attributes not as good as Inconel®, but superior to stainless steel.

Stock & Custom Titanium Parts

Titanium Springs

MW Components manufactures a variety of titanium products including various titanium springs. Click any of the links below to visit these product pages to order stock springs, customize a new component, or review manufacturing capabilities.

Titanium Springs

Titanium Bellows

MW produces standard and custom bellows for multiple industries and applications, from aerospace and cryogenics to semiconductors, and more. Click the links below to order titanium bellows or review production processes and capabilities.

Titanium Bellows

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