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Semiconductor Components

MW offers state-of-the-art manufacturing that supports extremely close tolerance components for semiconductor and UHV parts. We can manufacture metal bellows, electrical contacts, hoses, and more that support the highest performance semiconductor applications in the industry. Start a custom manufacturing project with a quote, or browse our selection of stock parts online.

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Semiconductor Equipment Parts

MW Components manufacturers standard and custom components for semiconductor, ultra high vacuum (UHV), and ultra high purity (UHP) applications. Our components are designed and manufactured to be flexible, translating temperature and pressure into motion while preventing leaks.

Consider our metal bellows and flexible hoses, flanges, and assemblies to support your application’s needs. We’ll help you customize each option to allow you to manipulate stages, probes, valves, and more inside pressurized vessels.

Tight Tolerance Manufacturing for Semiconductor Parts

We use the latest equipment to create components that support mechanical motion in semiconductor and UHV applications through long stroke lengths, tight tolerances, and flexibility. You’ll find our semiconductor parts in chip manufacturing equipment, wafer processing equipment for high vacuum, and more.

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Flexible, Strong UHV and Semiconductor Parts

From metal bellows to hoses and assemblies, our semiconductor parts are built to withstand extreme conditions. Our metal bellows are often used to penetrate a process chamber, providing essential flexibility with exceptional strength while our braided metal hoses provide exceptional protection in hazardous applications. You’ll find these types of MW Components products in well-known pieces of equipment such as NASA’s Curiosity Mars Rover.

Custom Semiconductor Manufacturing

While many of our products are available in standard sizes and dimensions, we also focus on customized parts and fully custom designs. With a full engineering team that can help you optimize designs and solve problems, we’ll work with you to develop and manufacture the part that offers the most flexibility at the best cost.

What We Offer

Reliable Manufacturing Services

MW Components’ parts are manufactured for the highest cycle life and leak-tight performance. Our services include support for product development and manufacturing from the concept phase through finishing and quality assurance testing.

Quality Materials

We manufacture parts in all shapes, sizes, and material combinations, including specialty materials and precious metals like gold and silver.

We're Your Semiconductor Manufacturing Partner

Whether you need to ensure a hermetic seal in a high vacuum application or improve the performance of semiconductor equipment, we partner with you to customize products to the specifications required for your new designs or retrofitted applications. Our team will work with you to determine the best component, design, and manufacturing services to produce the part that will provide the highest reliability and keep your equipment running smoothly.

Get Custom Semiconductor and UHV Components

Get the exact component you need. We’ll partner with your in-house team to optimize designs and manufacture custom parts.