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Motorsports & Racing

Aftermarket Racing Parts

Our industry-leading brand, Hyperco, manufactures precision parts that improve flexibility and performance in a demanding industry. Visit Hyperco's website,, to learn more about their products and shop performance racing springs and accessories online.


Aftermarket Performance Car Parts

MW Components manufactures aftermarket performance car parts including racing springs, spring perches, and more. Our key brand, Hyperco, offers products that enhance driver flexibility, performance, and adjustability. With an industry-leading reputation Hyperco is a at the forefront of design and development for unique applications in everything from All-Terrain Vehicles to Formula 1 racing teams.

For more information, visit Hyperco’s website,

Proven Results

Every Indy 500 winner in the last 50 years has used suspension springs provided by MW Components’ Hyperco brand. With an unparalleled track record in superior quality and service, Hyperco is the worldwide leader in the development and optimization of high-performance suspension components for the motor racing industry. The name “Hyperco” is synonymous with premium quality and performance among racing experts. Hyperco is an essential part of a winning racing team. Just a few of our products include:

  • Ultra High Travel (UHT) Hypercoils™ Suspension Coil Springs
  • Hydraulic Load-Centering Spring Perches
  • Utility Terrain Vehicle (UTV) Performance Spring Kits

Short Track and Semi-Pro Racing Components

We also serve customers in short track and semi-pro racing. After dominating the Indy 500 car market for years, Hyperco recently worked with several Indy 500 and other championship-winning race teams to develop fully optimized suspension springs for the new Dallara DW1 Indy car chassis. The designs were based on each team’s specific requirements for dynamic performance, packaging, and weight reduction.

Motorsports & Racing at a Glance



Stock and Custom Solutions for the Performance Racing and Motorsports Markets

Hyperco provides high-performance suspension components, including coil over suspension springs, hydraulic load-centering spring perches, and composite leaf springs. There are more than 800 race-tested products in the Hyperco catalog as well as products for off-road, power sports, and street performance vehicles. We also produce co-branded suspension kits and private label products.

Custom Motorsport Manufacturing

Many of our performance car parts are available for rapid order, but Hyperco also works one-on-one with race teams to develop custom and proprietary products. Whether you’re a large manufacturer, a distributor, or a racing team that comes to us directly, we are committed to producing the best possible results to suit your needs. Our unparalleled depth of knowledge comes from our many years in the racing industry and the wide range of applications we support.

What We Offer

Reliable Manufacturing Services

MW Components’ suspension coils, hydraulic load-centering spring perches, and composite leaf springs have a significant impact on the performance and consistency of any race car. We work closely with renowned racing experts and racing distributors to build our technology-based products with both primary and secondary processes performed in-house.

Heavyweight Solutions, Lightweight Materials

Hyperco specializes in developing solutions that allow racing teams to reduce component weight while simultaneously improving performance and tunability. Our advanced capabilities in lightweight materials such as ultra-high tensile chrome silicon, micro alloys, and more allow us to create and design suspension springs to optimum specifications with the largest variety of wire diameters and materials available. We are also able to apply coatings and colors that allow for easy identification and less unsprung weight.

  • Chrome Silicon
  • Micro-Cellular Polyurethane
  • Stainless Steel
  • Titanium

We're Your Racing Partner

Our Hyperco engineers are industry leaders in designing reliable, consistent springs and components used in racing suspensions. We use the very latest in design, performance simulation, and testing equipment to measure overall dynamic performance. Our unique technological advances and our insatiable drive for excellence give us an unparalleled advantage to create new developments and improvements in our product lines.

Get Custom Motorsports Components

Talk with our engineers today and let us help you figure out the solution that will improve your performance.