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MP35N Springs

Custom MP35N Springs

For over 35 years, Engineered Spring Products has designed and produced many types of custom springs using MP35N including compression springs, extension springs, torsion springs, flat springs, garter springs, stampings, and Belleville washers. Our high-quality MP35N springs are produced to withstand extreme environments, and our availability of specialty materials like MP35N, Elgiloy, and Inconel means shorter lead times on custom parts.

We have experience engineering and producing custom springs for a variety of industries including oil and gas, medical, and aerospace. And we're happy to work with your team to develop custom designs. Our facility is ISO 9001 certified and we offer a number of mil-spec parts with full lot traceability as required.

As a custom manufacturer, our production capabilities are varied and include spring cold coiling, milling and machining, forming, tubing fabrication, tool and die making, and some assembly work. We also offer a variety of on-site testing and optional finishes to ensure the exact performance required for your assemblies. Our team of knowledgeable engineers would be happy to work with you, offering support for design, manufacturability, and recommendations for specific applications. Request a quote or learn more.

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Why MP35N Springs?

MP35N springs have high strength and cycle life in extreme environmental conditions. MP35N (UNS R30035) is a nickel-based alloy known for its hardness, strength, corrosion resistance, and high fatigue strength. MP35N maintains higher strength than alternative metals in applications with regular exposure to water and chemicals. As such, MP35N springs are often found in marine applications, medical devices, dental equipment, aerospace, and oil and gas applications. As one example, our MP35N springs are frequently used in downhole applications, which require high strength and ductility while regularly being exposed to corrosive environments.

MP35N vs Elgiloy

Engineered Spring Products stocks MP35N in bars, sheets, and wire. The availability of material options with MP35N increases manufacturing flexibility above other material alternatives.

MP35N and Elgiloy are often used interchangeably, except when extremely high temperatures are required. For requirements above 400°F, Elgiloy is recommended. Visit our Elgiloy page to learn more about Elgiloy Springs and other Elgiloy products for high-temperature applications.

Other MP35N Components

In addition to MP35N springs, Engineered Spring Products also produces a variety of machined parts, stampings, and other custom parts. We specialize in manufacturing custom parts from specialty materials including MP35N, Elgiloy, Inconel, and more. To learn more or request a quote, contact us.

MP35N Springs & Other Parts

MP35N springs are ideal for applications that require both high strength and high corrosion resistance, including oil and gas, marine applications, medical devices, and aerospace.

Below are some of the parts ESP produces using MP35N. Looking for something not on this list? Contact us for a custom quote.

  • Compression Springs
  • Extension Springs
  • Torsion Springs
  • Double Torsion Springs
  • Flat Springs / Bow Springs
  • Belleville Washers / Disc Springs
  • Garter Springs
  • Stamped Parts / Custom Metal Stamping
  • Other Custom Parts

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