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Medical Components Manufacturer

MW provides design support and manufacturing for precision components, medical devices, and assemblies for medical OEM and medical device contract manufacturers. We also offer an extensive inventory of stock and standard parts, including 316 stainless steel springs. Request a quote for a custom part, or shop our in-stock parts today.

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Medical Components

MW Components offers medical manufacturing capabilities that produce a range of products including pharmaceutical screws, medical screws, 316 stainless steel springs, implantable device components, surgical devices, small springs, and other miniature and micro medical components.

Need parts now? We have thousands of spring designs in 316 stainless steel springs in-stock and ready to ship. Shop 316 stainless steel springs.

Our Medical Expertise

The MW Components team supports OEMs and contract manufacturers throughout the life sciences market with advanced manufacturing processes such as cold forming, that create smaller, more efficient and effective components.

Our medical manufacturing processes are designed to support the rigid cleanliness and quality standards of the most demanding medical applications. Our solutions include complete products as well as implantable and biocompatible components.

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ISO 9001

ITAR Compliant

MW's Medical Components

Medical component - canted coil spring

Medical Springs

MW manufactures nearly every spring type available, including coiled and flat springs that are used in medical operations. We offer in-stock and ready-to-shop medical-grade 316 stainless steel springs, as well as custom compression, extension, torsion, and flat springs, among others. Our springs help improve the performance and reliability of powered surgical tools, orthopedic implants, pumps, monitors, active implantables, and other critical medical equipment. Our custom-engineered products enable designers to achieve higher speeds, longer service life, and more functionality in less space.

In addition to the more well-known springs used in medical applications, our Maudlin location manufactured specialty springs including spring energized seals and canted coil springs that provide unique benefits.

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Medical ouplings and u joints

Medical Couplings & U-Joints

Our Helical Products location pioneered the design and use of beam couplings across industries, including medical. Helical's beam couplings are often used in medical and surgical robots that combine a stepper or servo motor to a lead screw or encoder. In these applications, beam couplings provide precise motion control and have zero backlash that is ideal for surgical robotics.

U-joints, which allow a flexible, 90 degree angle are also essential components in surgical robotics as they provide a greater range of motions. In some cases, the flexibility of a u-joint may be required in order to achieve the surgery.

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Medical machined springs

Medical Machined Springs

Machined springs can be used as replacements for compression, extension and torsion springs. They are made of a single piece of material that provides precise performance in delicate applications. In the medical industry, machined springs are frequently used in:

  • Footswitches - single-piece machined springs are ideal for the footswitches that control robotic assisted surrgery systems because they provide zero backlash and eliminate the challenges that come with incorporating mating pieces in traditional spring assemblies, including the need for lubrication.
  • Compliance springs - machined springs can be used as the flexible element in an assembly in order to prevent crashing.
  • Clutches in surgical drills - machined springs with multi-start flexures can be used as a clutch mechanism in surgical drills, or be used to mitigate buckling in other applications.

Contact us for more information on how our machined springs could help with your medical application.

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Medical Bellows

Bellows are a popular choice for many medical applications because they provide flexible, leak-proof seals and can act as flexible shaft couplings. They are also frequently applied as actuators, expansion joints, chamber feedthroughs, and flexible connectors.

Medical belows

MW's medical bellows offer a very high cycle life and are used for a variety of medical purposes, including:

  • Vision systems - electroformed bellows are used to hold lenses in place
  • Electrical contacts - bellows electrical contacts are excellent as providing conductivity while resisting vibration
  • Flexible seals - our bellows are leak-proof and ideal in medical manufacturing for applications with gas
  • Spring loaded pistons - bellows can act as spring-loaded pistons that are hermetically sealed
  • Implantable drug pumps - edge-welded metal bellows are ideal for use as drug reservoirs in peristaltic pump devices as they provide a flexible boundary between the drug and the gas pressure that delivers the dosage. Additionally, the bellows offer leak-free operation and long cycle lifes, which are crucial to a successful pump
  • Radiation therapy - many radiation therapy systems will leverage bellows as hermetic seals in their beam alignment mechanisms due to their ability to provide a hermetic seal with a wide range of axial and angular motion

In addition to the applications above, our bellows are excellent as drive couplings, vibration dampeners, and electrical contacts, including gold plated bellows contacts. They are frequently used in many other medical applications, such as hyperbaric chambers, vacuum valve seals, and more.

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Needle hubs

Needle Hubs

MW offers expert needle hub manufacturing for a wide variety of types and styles. We support custom needle hub manufacturing, needle insert manufacturing, and more. The most commonly used material is aluminum, which produces durable, lightweight needle hubs that support specialized design and manufacturing requirements.

Most of our needle hub manufacturing is done via cold forming. Cold forming offers a number of benefits, including efficient manufacturing at high speeds and the ability to make durable miniature medical components.

  • Aluminum needle hubs - we manufacture needle hubs from aluminum alloy using cold forming, which reduces material waste and supports tight tolerances.
  • Metal cannula hubs - our cannula needle hubs are typically threaded and are produced via cold forming.
  • Threaded needle hubs - all of our needle hubs can be threaded in primary or secondary operations.
  • Metal ferrule tubes and cannula tubes - unlike many other manufacturers, we form ferrule tubes from solid aluminum wire as opposed to tubing material. Using sold wire helps reduce lead times and decrease cost while providing optimal strength and performance.

In addition to the products above, we offer many other needle hub styles for medical use, including dental and veterinary needle hubs. Some of our related products include medical drive wire, tapered tubes, and drug delivery pushrods.

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Custom shims for medical

Medical Shims

Shims are used across industries and are often found in medical applications to help align machinery including surgical machinery and diagnostic devices.

  • Surgical machinery - shims used in surgical applications are typically custom-made to fit the equipment, including providing adequate bolt slots and more.
  • Diagnostic devices - shims may support diagnostic devices for proper alignment and reduce vibrations, which may decrease long-term wear and maintenance requirements.

MW offers both standard and custom shims to meet the needs of the medical industry. In-stock shims have a 24-hour turnaround, supporting critical, time-sensitive needs. We also offer the industry's fastest turnaround time on custom shims.

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Custom Medical and Surgical Components

MW Components has developed specialized products for the medical and pharmaceutical industries, including precision wire forms and metal stampings as well as a wide variety of spring designs, tubular components, and related product assemblies. Our medical production capabilities have established a global reputation for our advanced products, best-in-class manufacturing, and exceptional engineering support.

Custom Medical Manufacturing

Our medical manufacturing locations house expert staff and a variety of certifications that are essential in the manufacturing of life-saving products. Our internal processing methods and system requirements are designed to quickly get your product on the market. Each process is specially developed in a controlled system that is unique to the component or product we are manufacturing.

What We Offer

Reliable Manufacturing Services

Our high-speed, state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities include micro-coiling fine wire products, bending or winding complex part shapes in our CNC wire-form machines, plastics fabrication, and producing technical metal stampings in a progressive die. In addition, to meet the high standards of medical industrial products and maintain a completely sterile environment, we have developed highly specialized methods for finishing, cleaning, packaging, and shipping our products.

Quality Materials

We offer unsurpassed expertise in surgical materials such as stainless steel, Nitronic®, Elgiloy®, titanium, and a variety of plastics. Our metallurgical expertise allows us to manufacture precision products from materials smaller in diameter than a human hair.

Medical components

We're Your Medical Manufacturing Partner

We are always available to help you, whether that’s through developing parameters to optimize your design or packaging considerations that will facilitate line-automation. Our engineering team provides project support through advanced quality planning and precision production methods. Customers rely on us to assure product compliance and lean on our expertise at producing risk assessments, in-house tool engineering and additive manufacturing capabilities to develop rapid prototypes, and preliminary pilot production. Our comprehensive approach to component manufacturing ensures optimal performance in every medical device we produce.

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