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Cold forming can be advantageous in the manufacturing of micro medical parts due to the need for long MTBF cycles that are often imperative, and because cold formed medical parts are stronger than most other manufacturing methods. In addition, other superior quality aspects are built-in since the process is inherently free of burrs, smudges, and contamination. A high-polish surface finish can be produced as part of the manufacturing process for applications involving medical staples or other components used for implantation. Additionally, there is no need to run cold formed parts through acid baths in order to pass cytotoxic testing.


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MW Life Sciences, our medical manufacturing division, maintains a global presence for manufacturers of medical products and components. All of our Life Sciences customers are supported with high-speed product ramp-up, delivery, and the ability to manage volume regardless of complexity or product mix.

In addition to our state-of-the-art machining capabilities and expert engineering and manufacturing support, we also offer design, prototyping, and tooling support.

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