Shoulder Screws

Shoulder screws (also called shoulder bolts or stripper bolts) are used for spacing and surface bearing for many applications. They are particularly useful in pulleys, gears, rolling wheels, and other mechanical assemblies since the should of this screw remains above the hole which allows for rotation of connected parts. They can also be attached to stripper plates allowing for high torque fastening with narrow clearance.


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Custom Shoulder Screws

MW Components manufacturers shoulder screws with precise tolerances, including shoulder diameters of +.000/-.001 and shoulder lengths of +.002/-.000. Our shoulder screws also have undercuts on each side of the shoulder assure. This allows for perfect seating for precise, low friction assembly.

We offer a variety of finishes, threading options, and overall sizes. Dimensions are expressed in either standard or metric. Threads range from 4-40 to 3/8-16 with shoulder lengths from 0.1250″ to 1.500″ and shoulder diameters from 0.1245″ to 0.4995″. Head diameters usually range from 1/4″ to 5/8″.

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