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USA Fastener

Studs, Nuts, 12 Point Bolts, Sockets, & Fastener Assemblies

USA Fastener is a recognized leader in the fastener industry, offering quality products including all thread rod, threaded studs, 12 point bolts, and more. Located in Houston, Texas with nearly 100,000 square feet of manufacturing and warehousing space, USA Fastener provides customers with quality products, including domestic bolts, custom made bolts, and other fasteners, in a timely and efficient manner.

View our USA Fastener Catalog to shop parts now, or contact us to learn more about our bolt distributor program, which includes specialty pricing for up to one year.

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Shop in-stock B7 all thread studs and 2H heavy hex nuts, including API 20E BSL-1 parts that are ready to ship.

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In-Stock Products

We offer a wide variety of B7 all thread stud and 2H heavy hex nut products that are in-stock and ready-to-ship, including a variety of studs and nuts for distributors. Purchase online for rapid turnaround. Most products ship the next business day.

12 Point Bolts Manufacturer

USA Fastener produces a variety of 12 point bolts, including 12 point flange bolts, 12 point bolt sockets, and 12 point cap screws. 12 point cap screws, also called ferry head cap screws or ferry cap screws, have a high tensile strength and offer a secure connection to neighboring assemblies. USA Fastener offers 12 point bolts and screws in both imperial and metric sizes. Our 12 point bolts are typically manufactured from alloy steel, and coated (if required), and come with cut, machined, or rolled threads and lengths available up to 24”.

Limited diameters, alloys, and lengths may be in stock for immediate shipping.

USA Fastener manufactures from a variety of raw materials in various sizes, thread pitches, and finishes, including PTFE blue, yellow zinc, and others.

To order custom 12 point cap screws or other custom fastener products manufactured to your specifications, please request a quote with quantity and requirements.

  • UFM Registered Trademark

    USA Fastener, operates under the same registered trademark “UFM” that has been known for more than 20 years to signify a high level of quality and service in the fastener industry. This code, stamped on all manufactured parts, identifies USA Fastener as the manufacturer, allowing an easy way to determine which facility to contact for the reorder of parts.”

  • API 20E BSL 1-3 Licensed and Certified

    Ideal for the energy, oil, and gas industry, we are an API 20E licensed and certified manufacturer for BSL levels 1, 2, and 3. We have hundreds of API 20E BSL-1 products in-stock and ready-to-ship from Houston, TX, including B7 studs and 2H nuts. We also offer custom manufacturing of API 20E BSL 1-3 level parts. Shop now or contact us for a custom quote.

Custom Manufacturing

Bolts, Studs, 12 Point Bolts, & more

We offer a wide range of products in different materials, including alloy steel, copper alloys, nickel alloys, and non-metallic materials such as nylon and Teflon.

Our most popular products include threaded studs, 2H heavy hex nuts, all thread rod, and 12 point bolts. However, we specialize in manufacturing double end, tap end, tapered, combination "combo", and collar studs in large sizes. Our stocked studs range from 1/2" to 1 7/8" diameter (full thread) and up to 12" in length, though we produce studs of all diameters and lengths for custom applications as well.

We manufacture nuts in several configurations, including, 12 points, castle, coupling, Tommy nuts, cap, slotted, acorn, square, high, round, and many more. Our commitment to stocking studs in the coatings the industry needs and our extensive and robust manufacturing capabilities enable us to solve unique and everyday problems for our customers.

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We offer a range of finishes to meet the needs of specific applications, including applications that require performance in extreme environments or corrosion resistance. We stock B7 all thread studs and 2H heavy hex nuts in these standard finishes:

Clear Zinc per ASTM F1941
Hot Dip Galvanized per A153
Yellow Cadmium per ASTM F1941

24-Hour Turnaround

Quick Turn Service

Focused on solving problems for our customers in the energy industry, we understand that availability and urgency are required and you need your parts quickly. Our goal is to get your stock parts out the door in 24 hours or less. We also offer same-day expedites and 24-hour emergency service. For more information, please call us at 713.641.4600 or email us at

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