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Contact Disc Springs

Contact Belleville disc springs combine two essential features for improved bolt connections—their conical shape provides reactive force and high elasticity of spring return to compensate for developed looseness and loss of bolt tension due to thermal expansion and contraction. Additionally, this spring's hardened, serrated profile grips the bolt or nut's lower surface to prevent the loss of tension that generally occurs during extreme vibration or shock.

CAD files for stock and standard contact disc springs are available in our online store.

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Custom Contact Disc Springs

All our disc springs are subject to exacting manufacturing and quality control standards. All discs are preset so that they will not significantly relax under load over time. MW also offers pre-stressed disc springs specifically sized for use with bolts.

Send us your specs or configure a disc spring or washer.

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Contact Disc Springs Manufacturing & Configurations

Contact Disc Springs come in sizes that correspond to a wide range of screw head sizes, including hex head socket screws. They can also be used in assemblies. The “Narrow” Contact Disc Springs are designed for use in confined space like under a socket head screw. “Wide” Contact Disc Springs are ideal for oversized holes in sheet metal applications, making use of a wide bearing surface, and “Regular” contact disc springs are recommended for other general applications. All Contact Disc Springs are made of selected high-quality carbon spring steel unless otherwise requested.


Contact disc springs are used to improve bolt connection applications and compensate for developed looseness and loss of bolt tension. These changes generally occur from movement due to thermal environmental shifts.


Contact disc springs are generally produced from spring steel or corrosion-resistant steel; however, MW stocks standard and specialty materials of all types. Below are some commonly requested materials requested to manufacture contact disc springs.

  • Steels
  • Stainless Steels
  • Corrosion Resistant Metals
  • Specialty Metals

Contact Disc Spring Configurations

Configuration Application(s)
Regular Recommended for general use
Narrow Used most often in small spaces or under a socket head screw
Wide Recommended for oversized holes in sheet metal

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