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MW offers several Trilobular™ products, including PLASTITE® 48-2 Trilobular™ thread-rolling screws and TAPTITE II® thread rolling screws. Trilobular™ screws offer various benefits. Plastite® 48-2 is easier and faster to insert than other screw types, while TAPTITE II® thread rolling screws are known for their ability to provide better prevailing torque than other alternatives such as locking screws. TAPTITE II® screws also resist loosening when exposed to vibrations, making them a popular choice for a wide variety of applications. We also offer PUSHTITE® thread rolling screws, RF-3 thread forming fasteners, and more. Contact us or request a quote for details.

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PLASTITE® 48-2 and PLASTITE 45® Fasteners

PLASTITE® thread rolling screws are faster and easier to insert than alternatives because due to features like twin lead threads. They are excellent at holding strength and reduce material displacement. Download the overview for details.
Overview: PLASTITE Fasteners


PUSHTITE II® Fasteners

PUSHTITE II® thread rolling screws allow for easy entry and high pull-out resistance for a strong fastening that is ideal for applications such as thermoplastics. Download the overview to learn more.
Overview: PUSHTITE II® Fasteners

Pushtite II Fastener


TAPTITE II®, TAPTITE 2000®, and DUO-TAPTITE® Fasteners

TAPTITE II® thread rolling screws reduce friction during thread forming, which provides more prevailing torque than lock screws. They are excellent at resisting vibrational loosening.
Overview: TAPTITE II® Fasteners

TAPTITE 2000® fasteners provide the benefits of prior Taptite fasteners with a new thread design called Radius Profile Thread. Along with the Tilobular principle, this fastener proves excellent mechanical assembly and ergonomic characteristics. Download the overview to learn more.
Overview: TAPTITE 2000® Fasteners

DUO-TAPTITE® fasteners refine the Trilobuar principle to ensure greater functionality in demanding applications. DUO-TAPTITE® screws have greater lobulation at the screw point for easy entry and reduced lobulation in the screw body holding area. They also offer a stabilizing threaded dog point to provide ready, aligned entry with easy pick-up.
Overview: DUO-TAPTITE® Fasteners

TAPTITE II fastener

RF-3 Full Form Thread Forming Fasteners

RF-3 Trilobular™ fasteners are easy to assemble and help prevent vibrational loosening. Their Trilobular configuration has high strip our performance, reduces friction, resulting in lower drive torques. They typically form threads in drilled, stamped, or cored holes and support the elimination of tapped holes.

RF-3 Full Form Trilobular Thread Forming Fasteners

Rf Plas Trilobular™ Fasteners

Rf Plas Trilobular™ fasteners feature a 60 degree single lead and a 48 degree double lead Trilobular thread form. They are an exceptional fastener that offer ease of assembly, the Trilobular shape known to reduce friction and drive torque, as well as deep thread engagement that increases holding power. Like other Trilobular products, these resist vibrational loosening and reduce the possibility of strip out and pull out, increasing product reliability.

Rf Plas Trilobular

Trilobular™ Screw Manufacturing

MW manufactures Trilobular™ screws in standard sizes from #2-1/2" for both Plastite® 48-2 Trilobular and TAPTITE II® thread rolling screws. Both products are made via open die fold forming and are known for their superior performance.

Other materials, dimensions, and finishes are available upon request. Contact us for a quote or to learn more.

Lengths & Diameters

We work with both standard and metric measurements.

  • Standard Diameters: #2-1/2"
  • Metric Diameters: 5mm-100mm
  • Standard Lengths: 3/16"-4"
  • Metric Length: M2-M12


MW stocks standard and specialty materials of all types. Below are some commonly requested materials used to manufacture Trilobular™ products:

  • 300 Series
  • 400 Series
  • Alloy Steel
  • Low Carbon Steel
  • Other Alloys
  • Exotic Alloys
  • Stainless Steel

Available Grades

Our manufacturing facilities produce a variety of parts with custom finishing services. Some examples of possible finishes for this product include:

  • 10.9
  • 12.9
  • 2
  • 4.6
  • 5
  • 5.8
  • 8
  • 8.8
  • 9.8
  • B7
  • L9

Other Screw Products

Need a Large Order?

We can design and manufacture a component for your specific application in any quantity. For quantities over 1,000, please request a quote.

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