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Sussex Wire

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Sussex Wire specializes in the design, manufacturing and distribution of highly engineered, specialty metal parts and components. Sussex Wire's primary expertise is using cold-forming technology to form metal wire and specialty alloys at room temperatures into highly engineered precision, micro-miniature components faster in a more cost-effective manner than traditional machining, stamping, metal injection molding, and casting methodologies.

Sussex Wire is one of very few locations in the world that can produce miniature, precision, geometrically complex, cold headed parts ranging from 10 million to over 1 billion per year. Sussex Wire also has the ability to manufacture and form symmetrical and asymmetrical components from wire diameters of 0.0035’’ to 0.250’’ as well as components using larger than 0.250” diameter wire.

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Sussex Wire
4 Danforth Drive
Easton, PA 18045




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ISO 9001 07/01/2024 06/30/2027
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Featured Products

Sussex Wire specializes in small metal parts manufacturing, including producing micro rivets and eyelets, cold headed pins, glass-ceramic hermetic seals, cold headed micro fasteners, micro leads, miniature valve components, and more.

Our Sussex Wire location specializes in micro cold forming. Use our Cold Headed Prototype Calculator for more information on cold formed and cold headed parts.

Our Manufacturing Services

Our Sussex Wire location custom designs and manufactures small metal components to your specifications in a variety of plating and alloy materials. With collaborative design, development, manufacture and control of small, miniature, and micro-miniature metal components we support customers seeking a better solution for yield, strength, assembly, and cost.

We offer cellular work centers organized to produce small specialized parts by cold forming, CNC Swiss micro-machining and fourslide forming, plus a host of secondary operations including roll forming and threading, tapping, turning, pointing, electrical discharge machining (EDM), cleaning, tumbling, etching and plating, all with tolerances down to 0.0005".

Cutting Services

Industries Served

Sussex Wire’s expertise in cold heading, also known as cold forming, provides a fast and efficient method of producing both standard custom fasteners and components. We employ vertically integrated LEAN practices in design, manufacturing, order, and global inventory management including stock custom miniature and micro components for JIT delivery to local and international customers in a variety of industries.

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