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Chlorine-Resistant Components

Tantalum is the only material that withstands chlorine acid directly.

Grades / Attributes

Tantalum 61 is used for springs for valve applications.

Spring Applications

Tantalum springs are used in municipal processing plant valves for water and sewer lines because they can withstand direct contact with chlorine which is used in the waste water purification. Also used in the electronic industry for contacts.

Material Benefits

Superior properties when compared to Hastelloy C. Chlorine concentration levels will determine if Hastelloy is suitable for sewage treatment applications or if an upgrade to Tantalum is required.


As a manufacturing material, it can be extremely expensive, ranging from $800 to $1,500 per pound. Tantalum is also not very strong, so unless you have continual exposure to high concentrations of chlorine, you are likely to consider alternatives.

Tantalum MSDS Fact Sheet