X Series Flexible Beam Couplings

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The X-Series couplings offer a cost-effective balance between couplings that are too stiff radially and those not stiff enough torsionally for servo-type applications. It features high torsional stiffness, low radial loads, one-piece integrity, good flexibility, and zero backlash. Created for high-performance motion control systems, the X-Series incorporates two flexible element sets – combining greater end-to-end rotational accuracy with radial flexibility – in one design.


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X Series Flexible Beam Couplings Overview

Beam coupling from MW Components - Santa Maria

Custom Manufacturing

Custom Beam Couplings

Custom beam couplings or Helical couplings offer many benefits including, choice of material composition, simplification of assembly, and customizable attachments and tolerances suited to your specific end-use. MW specializes in custom component manufacturing, providing you with the right features to ensure proper performance. Whether you need to eliminate endplay or spring, ensure zero backlash, need to increase torsional stiffness, or reduce windup, we can create the right custom coupling for your specialized need made to your exact specifications. Send us your specs or configure a part.

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Beam Coupling Manufacturing & Configurations


Our X series beam couplings are produced using either 7075-T6 aluminum using either standard or specialty machining operations, depending on the application. Specialty materials and services are available for custom coupling production. Multiple attachment styles are available for added functionality. Torque range, bore ranges, operating temperatures, speed, and other performance factors will vary depending on the configuration chosen.

For more details on available coupling configurations, review the list below for a side-by-side comparison, view our Standard Coupling Comparison Guide below.

Standard Coupling Comparison Guide
Component manufacturing and quality assurance

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