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Automotive Components Manufacturer

We support the automotive and light truck markets through the global OEM and independent aftermarket sectors. With 20+ manufacturing locations across the United States, we manufacture everything from engine rings and brake springs to suspension springs. Request a quote for a custom project, or shop our OEM replacement suspension springs, ideal for cars ranging from Fords to GMCs

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Automotive Part Manufacturing

We specialize in providing technical support for suspension and powertrain applications. Our primary products include cold and hot wound suspension springs, engine valve springs, circlips and other related wire formed products, transmission retaining rings, valve body springs, accumulator springs, and custom compression springs. Our depth of technical expertise enables us to meet the strict requirements and product integrity needs of customers in Germany, Japan, Korea, and the United States.

Our automotive component manufacturing is always done through compliance to industry and customer standards, with inspection methods such as PPAP available. We aim to meet your expectations in quality, performance, and delivery every time. From off-road suspension, lift kits, and lowering kits to restorations and retrofits, MW Components offers stock and custom parts for all your automotive application needs.

Individual Car Suspension Springs

In addition to serving the auto manufacturing sector, we also sell performance-enhancing and replacement suspension springs for hot rods, classics, custom cars, muscle cars, truck, corvettes, and more. We stock car suspension springs for a wide variety of brands, all of which can be bought off-the-shelf.

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ISO 9001

TS 16949


Electric Vehicles

Precision Automotive Parts

With special expertise in manufacturing auto parts for engine, suspension, and transmission applications, MW Components ensures all our products are created to the highest standards of safety, reliability, and performance.

We provide a large number of standard parts ready to order as well as custom automotive component manufacturing. From circlips to cold and hot wound suspension springs, we can supply the parts you need.

Custom Automotive Manufacturing

Our product development and engineering professionals offer the range of expertise needed to work within each customer’s systemized approach from design to production. If you need assistance with design, engineering, prototyping, or custom solutions, we’re here for you from start to finish.

What We Offer

Reliable Manufacturing Services

Our manufacturing processes incorporate highly advanced, computer-based setup techniques and materials. We also utilize state-of-the-art performance simulation and testing equipment to ensure durable, reliable, and repeatable performance. As a result, we make lighter, cost-efficient products that deliver lasting value.

Quality Materials

We continually test new materials to ensure we can offer our customers superior metallurgical capabilities and expertise working with the highest quality and most reliable metals.

Your Partner in Solving Automotive Challenges

Innovation is the driving force behind everything we do. All our products are manufactured to specified international standards. By investing in simulation alternatives before the release of the final design, we provide solutions to your biggest competitive challenges.

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