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Electronics Components

MW Components is the nation’s leading supplier of electronic components and hardware for industrial and consumer applications. With major brands like RAF Electronic Hardware, Accurate Screw Machine, and more, we can support stock, standard, and custom electronic component needs.

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Electronic Hardware and Precision Components

MW Components offers springs, wire forms, spacers, standoffs, captive screws, and more. From standard electronic hardware parts to custom components, our electronic products are distributed worldwide.

Our expert engineering and manufacturing teams use precision technology to support tight tolerances and micro components for intricate part needs. No matter what part you need, from electrical contacts to attenuator parts, you can count on us for industry expertise and the highest quality end product available.

The Quality You Need for Demanding Applications

Because we serve a variety of industries, our US-based manufacturing facilities offer some of the most sought-after certifications available. We’ll provide certification and compliance documentation with every shipment, as requested by your team.

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ISO 9001

ITAR Compliant





A Diverse Catalog of Standard and Custom Electronic Components

MW Components is the United States’ leading supplier of electronic hardware and components including anti-rotation swage standoffs, plastic circuit board supports, captive screws, spacers, standoffs, and more. With a full catalog of thousands of standard electronic components, we offer quick turn service so you can get the parts you need on your schedule.

Custom Electronics Manufacturing

In addition to standard components, we can machine electronic parts to your blueprint. Our in-house engineers provide support to help you optimize designs for both performance and cost-effective manufacturing, ensuring your parts meet your standards and business goals.

What We Offer

Reliable Manufacturing Services

We use state-of-the-art technology to manufacture parts to the highest standards. Many of our components meet military specs and our machines support tolerance on diameters to +/.002 and turned diameters from .010” to .750”.

With in-house capabilities including precision CNC machining, zone annealing, and a complete secondary toolroom, we can provide the full range of components distributors and businesses need. And, through quick turn service, we help ensure you get critical parts quickly.

Quality Materials

We offer an extensive inventory of raw materials and over 40 metallic finishes including various types of chromate, chrome, nickel, tin, copper, black oxide, zinc, and more.

We're Your Electronics Partner

We’re here to support your needs, whether that’s short run production, prototyping, or large orders. MW Components partners with distributors, companies, and more to supply standard electronic hardware and components as well as custom parts for specialty applications.

Get Custom Electronics Components

We offer precision machining to your specs. Send us your blueprint and we’ll provide expert design assistance and the manufacturing capabilities to produce your part.