MW Components has been supplying control valve and actuator springs of all types to the valve industry since 1925.

Valve component manufacturing at MW Components

Valve Component Manufacturing

Valve springs and other components are some of the most critical elements in valve applications including safety relief, diaphragm, gate, globe, and high-pressure valves. MW Components manufactures valve springs to exacting tolerances (+/- 5% on rate), and we can meet the tight one-degree squareness required for critical valves.

Quality Manufacturing Throughout the US

With multiple valve manufacturing locations in the USA, we offer a wide range of high quality, domestic precision products. MW Components locations also have the engineers and precision manufacturing equipment to help you produce the highest quality product possible.

Our locations carry a range of certifications and industry approvals so you know you’re working with experienced professionals who can meet your standards. Full certifications are available from first article to 100% serialized test reports. Comprehensive testing is also available for all loads and physical dimensions, as well as SPC analyses on final test reports.

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What We Offer

Reliable Manufacturing Services

With the latest technology and a team with decades of experience in the industry, we provide highly engineered solutions for special environmental conditions, tight space constraints, special load requirements, or service life expectations.

Precision Stock and Custom Valve Components

MW Components offers a full range of stock and catalog items, including compression springs, extension springs, manifolds, valve bodies, and more. Our stock items are available for fast delivery to meet your project requirements. You’ll find our products in safety relief valves, diaphragm valves, high pressure valves, and more.

MW Components also offers engineering design assistance for all types of control valve springs, including the spring styles of compression, extension, torsion, leaf, and Belleville. Our design engineers have encountered all the challenges of valve component design, including harsh environments and critical safety needs. No matter the application, we’ll help you optimize your design for performance and manufacturability, providing fast delivery of prototypes for testing and design verification.

Quality Materials and Metallurgic Expertise

We have extensive experience working with all types of spring materials for valves, including steel and numerous high corrosion and high temperature alloys like Hastelloy®, Elgiloy®, and titanium. We also work with music wire, hard drawn, and oil tempered materials. The available wire diameters that can be utilized are .005” through 1.875”.

Chrome Silicon
Chrome Vanadium

Your Partner for Valve Component Manufacturing

As your manufacturing partner, MW Components can help you design and produce valve parts so they perform better, are easier to manufacture, and help reduce concerns such as nesting and hydrogen embrittlement.

Valve component manufacturing at MW Components

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Our experts regularly create educational resources to help you design and produce the best components possible. Check out our featured resources for the valve industry.

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Get support for your custom part needs. Our engineering experts can help you optimize designs for time- and cost-effective manufacturing.