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Atherm Metal Bellows Assemblies

Our line of athermalization bellows assemblies translates changes in temperature into linear movement. Manufactured at our Servometer location, athermalizaton bellows assemblies will provide passive athermalization in IR systems to help maintain acceptable focus over a wide range of temperature. Athermalization bellows assemblies help to compensate for and minimize or eliminate the change in focus due to temperature change.

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Custom Atherm Metal Bellows Assemblies

Our team custom manufactures athermalization bellows assemblies to meet the unique needs and size requirements of our customers. For custom manufacturing, either select what you need from the chart below or contact us with your needs. We'll get back to you with availability and pricing.

Custom Bellows Design Form


Atherm bellows assemblies have a number of advantages over other options, including:

  • Precise temperature-dependent mechanical actuation without the need for programming or electricity
  • Mechanically modulate heating and cooling systems
  • Operate through billions of repeatable cycles without drawing power or requiring recalibration
  • Act as analog back-up solution to electrical controls that can continue to operate in the event of power loss

Technical Features

Technical features of atherm bellows assemblies vary based on design and manufacturing processes. Most atherm bellows assemblies fall into the ranges below.

  • Temperature Range: -130° to 300° F
  • Diameter Range: .020” up to 9”
  • Length: up to 9”


Part Number (Bellows) Diameter (inch) Calculated Deflection per Degree Fahrenheit (In/°F)
300-34069 .250 0.00020
300-34070 .375 0.00029
300-34071 .500 0.00026
300-34072 .750 0.00030
300-34073 1.000 0.00049
300-34074 1.430 0.00013

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