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Volume Compensator Bellows

Our line of electroformed volume compensator bellows assemblies can prevent damage to closed pressure vessels and piping systems due to fluid thermal growth. Volume compensation can be the key factor in avoiding pressure build-up, leakage and catastrophic failure in these systems.

Bellows volume compensators can also be used to “sense” significant drops in the pressure of a charged system or device. When there are volumetric changes in the process fluid, the bellows will compensate in response.

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Custom Bellows Volume Compensators

We custom manufacture bellows volume compensators in a variety of styles, including vented and closed, to fit your application's unique needs. Our team can provide design support and manufacturing expertise that will ensure you get the best performance at the most cost-effective price. Get in touch with us today for more information on our custom bellows manufacturing services.

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Volume compensator bellows assemblies are used in a variety of applications including:

  • Deep sea instrument modules
  • Fuel tanks
  • Fluid filled instruments and watches
  • Sealed compensator in a liquid filled assembly
  • Oil chamber in ultra sound machines
  • Over pressure trigger indicator
  • BIM indicator- sensing failure of a pressurized helicopter blade
  • Coolant Systems
  • Hydraulic Reservoirs

Volume Compensator Bellows Specifications

Part Number Part Max. Diameter Bellows Diameter (in) Volume Displacement (in) Volume Displacement (cc) Engagement Thread Pressure for Full Displacement
400-34243 0.375 0.250 0.0026 0.043 1/16 NPT, 27 TPI 13.0
400-34244 0.500 0.375 0.0111 0.181 1/16 NPT, 27 TPI 13.4
400-34245 0.625 0.500 0.0184 0.302 1/8 NPT, 27 TPI 13.9
400-34246 0.875 0.750 0.0396 0.649 1/4 NPT, 18 TPI 12.5
400-34247 1.125 1.000 0.1152 1.888 3/8 NPT, 18 TPI 10.3
400-34248 1.625 1.430 0.0357 0.585 3/8 NPT, 18 TPI 11.0

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